Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rant Day #19 - Group Chats


It feels so good to be back and I am more determined than ever. 

In today's rant I will be showing you two types of people in group chats and some situations you encounter. 

On with the rant!


The instigator:

Everybody knows this person. Nu uh. You cannot even lie about this person. They are there, they are present in your life!

And the group chat. 

They just like to see people kick off. I also feel there are more instigators on group chats than in real life, because in real life it is easy to confront them 

Just be like: 

Then roll up your sleeves and WOTCHA. 


Unfortunately on groups this emoji is not available, and I am still waiting for technology to upgrade allowing us to stick hands and legs through our phone screens. 

Mm hm. Becky didn't see that leg coming did she. 

So you are forced to pick an option: 

 A) Crawl into a hole and turn off notifications. 
Cause your inner fight is telling you to hop on there and sort things out. 

Gurl leggo bring it.

B) Blatantly ignore what everyone says due to the instigator. 

C) Be forced to enter the conversation/argument that has emerged due to this person. 

Personally I'm going with the kick. 

Massive Groups:

They.  Don't. Work.

It is impossible to be in one, impossible to talk on one, they're just impossible. 

Once a group has more than 8 people it falls apart. 

You've got Tom, Sally, Aliya arguing then some Tracy tryna tell her story and someone is just making irrelevant comments and then Maurine just be sending videos and your phone be freezing and crashing, preventing you from watching Eastenders, and the notifications are just popping and saying hello, it's me. 

So you just there like 

(These names tho :P) 

Please don't try telling me they work.

As we all know making plans on group chats most of the time are just a hassle.

It's easier if you make the plans then just invite everyone.

Groups are so much more simple with 3 people not 30.

Preech My Girl. 

I wanted to wait until things in school had settled before I began posting as this is an important for me. Haha.

Last year before I hop into my exams and I'm done. 

Hope you enjoyed this rant day. 

More post to come. 

Icky xx. 

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