Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rant Day #18 - Lunchtime

As I sit here munching on my indome noodles I reflect on the school Lunches I've had over the years and ahh.


1) Da fuq. 

Okay so right now on my plate we got some of Sharlandas weave going on, one of Tyga's teeth and oh Kylie Jenner's lip's for the main meal -.-.

Some lunches are disgusting they hand you the plate and you're like swivelling your head looking, where the food at?

Do people deliberately make bad lunches?

Are they like, Kristie Evans didn't tuck her chair in so imma make sure she gags when she see's her meal.

We aren't asking for proper 5 star course meals, we are just asking for something decent, we didn't pay money to eat strands of our hair. 

The food is either undercooked, overcooked or not cooked, like don't tell me that's 'red sauce' my chicken is swimming in! I know what it is. 

Yes, we complain because it's bad if we shoved food like that under your noses everyday tell me one kid that wouldn't throw up or get salmonella. You can't. 

Something needs to change. 

Starting with the 'red sauce.'

2) Kiss Primary Tables

In my opinion primary school {elementary} lunches were the best, absolutely the best. My school lunches were bombing, we had options, we had sauces, we had red, blue and yellow plates. Do you see the variety?

Like girl. 

I looked forward to lunch in primary. 

It smelt nice, looked nice, and frickin tasted awesome. 

Primary lunch was literally bae. 

3) The price. 

I understand if your school lunch is £2-2.45 but don't charge me more than £6 for a meal I can get 24 packets of indome, and cook them in your godamn kitchen like. 

Bish please. 

Be reasonable with the prices. 

In fact who agrees that we pay after we've eaten the food so we decide if it is really worth the price. They will be so desperate to get paid they would up their game. 

For some school dinners is compulsory (me) and for others it isn't. 

We gotta rebel and show that we ain't eating this:

That looks like something that I made in year 7

Here that is real lunch ^. If only you tubers made lunches. 

The struggle my sista.

Icky xx

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