Sunday, 6 September 2015

Rant Day #17 - Because 'A' Said So

All you PLL fans this is not a drill.

This Rant Day is long overdue.

After that final episode it left me thinking..."I spent 6 years of my life...for this!"

I was in shock, I was disappointed, I was just ugh leggo girlie's.


The Reveal 

In every single episode, every single episode something dramatic happens they always emphasise on the little things, the minor details that mean nothing! That mean nothing, but they make it seem like if you miss it you're missing out on something big. 

For example:

Aria drops a pencil all the girls rush to catch it before it hits the floor.

Spencer cradles it like a baby and shouts at Aria.

That is what they literally do!

But how did they reveal A? 

Flashing lights and a mega fight scene? 


A gasses all of them and they wake up facing their worse nightmare? 


She took off her mask. 


It may not sound like a big deal but for someone that has been supporting this show, watching them constantly, exaggerate little things you would expect the reveal to be bigger, badder and better!

So for A to just remove her mask and stare at them. Really knocked me down. 

Why was A a SIDEMAN  

For all of you not familiar with the term side man here is the definition: 

An irrelevant and powerless guy, also known as a 'flowerman' and shows signs of 'moist' and 'soggy' behaviour.

You know that one person in the group chat that will be making random comments, or tries to commentate while people are arguing yeah that's a good example. 


Who was she? Who is she? She was in one season and her character didn't really play a big part. There were no hints.

Why would you pick her!? It annoyed me.You could have picked West or, I don't know...Maya or even bring Wilden back from the dead. But Cece was just ugh. 

She wasn't the right person in my opinion. >:< 

They tried a plot twist 

I love the plot twist's in PLL they always wrap you up but then suddenly spit you out and you are left dazed and confused. 

When Cece removed her hood or her mask or whatever I literally stared at the screen for 10 minutes like..."Okay where's Charles?" Then as the episode progressed my mouth progressed to hitting the floor.

I was so confused, I didn't mind the fact Cece was trans-gender but how did she manage to you know get all those bits fixed while tormenting the girls? 

Then the fact she wasn't A originally?

The fact she dated her brother?

Yuck. :<

What was this?

I was confused, I was just upset. 

The plot twist just seemed rushed and XC wasn't as good as the other plot twist.

The ending -.-

The ending was the most random and confusing ending ever.

How could they say 6 years later and Allison is writing on the board (who else is pissed at the fact no one married the people they dated through out the show except Hannah apparently) then all of a sudden all the girls burst in like it's fast and furious only with heels. 

No one knows what's going on. 

Then Spencer explodes through the room looking like she hopped off the crazy train. 

What was that hair?

Needless to say I was just like...okay...

Then just turned off the TV and proceeded to rant on a 300+ snapchat story.

So at the end of day?

I felt like I had wasted 6 years of my life, every Tuesday afternoon, had been wasted.

I want my Tuesdays back. 

Cause I didn't wait 6 years for that kind of final episode...

-.- :(

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