Sunday, 13 September 2015

Left With The Scraps.

Inspired By Little Girls - By Annie Listen To Song While Reading.

She rolled her eyes slamming the door shut behind her as she stomped into the living room that was littered with toys. 

Tip toeing over the mess she inwardly prayed her mother wouldn't ask her to clean up. 

She had exams.

She glared at her black brick-phone, she couldn't get a smart phone as her mother didn't have money to be wasting on phones.

"Yet she will buy hundreds of Barbies." She scowled as she tossed the phone carelessly onto the chair. 

"Move." She ordered her younger sisters slamming her books down on the wooden table.

"But we're colouring," they pouted, "see." they held up their pictures that had multi-coloured crayon marks scribbled, messily onto the sheets. They were totally oblivious to the lines and took no interest in the picture. They were just being messy.

And this annoyed Hannigan more than anything. 

She groaned loudly and slid her hands across the table throwing the crayons and sheets off the table causing her sisters to scramble to the floor, in order to pick them up. 

Plonking herself into the chair she opened her book tiredly and the calender that was stuck on the first page reminded her exams were less than 3 months away. 

What had Hannigan achieved? 


She would end up failing, living off on benefits, and having loads of kids like her mother. At least that was what she was told. 

But she wanted to prove them wrong. 

It was hard to, with chores that never seemed to end the continuous high-pitched screams of children and the endless patter of feet. 

She wanted to be someone. 

She screamed into her hands as more of her siblings ran in, turning on the TV and increasing the volume till Hannigan thought she would go deaf. She attempted to get the attention of her mother who was ignoring everyone as she fed the baby and chatted away on the phone. 

She wanted to be someone in the world. 

But she was a nobody at home. 

Her siblings would grow up their plates would have more time, more opportunities, more freedom and she would be at the back of the line with an empty plate. 

Waiting for the leftovers.

Stuck With The Scraps.  

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