Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back To School.

I think for most people Summer holidays have ended but for me I have two more lovely days. I am one of those people who are pumped for school in the beginning, and go crazy in WHSmith. So you guessed it, in this post I will be showing you what I got, and how I added my own small touch. :) 


The first thing I got isn't really new, I bought the pack of folders last year and they were in pretty good condition so said hayy why not Recycle!?

Then because I was in love with this pattern went ahead and got the notebook in the same pattern. Can I get a booyah? Admit it, the pattern is bombing. :>

Oh yes? I know? You're jealous cause I be here with my carnival stripes and all you have is a white background? Teehee I know. Swerve sista! 

(•_• )
<) )/
/ \

(My thumb in the bottom! Yasss guys what you're seeing in the background is my fabosome cream wall! :P)

Then just to add a bit of pop I went ahead and stuck two flowers in the corner, I'm going to go ahead and stick more!


Then I got the binder in the same pattern :3 and stuck a couple of flowers in there but in different colours. 

Because I am very possessive over my items like ain't nobody gon try steal this I put labels at the back of all my objects. 

The label above is super cute, and says this book belongs too: then you just fill the rest in I wrote the same simple message, my name, the year I am in, then if found please return. So I stick these at the back of my folders, notebooks ect. (These sticker labels are from a book which I got from a magazine I think.) 

Now, yes that is my homework dairy, or midyear dairy, the reason it is so big and fat. Is because it has a whole page for each day normally homework dairies have 7 days over 2 pages but I noticed teachers are given us more homework than our dairies can handle so I needed on with more space. 

(Plus it has a whole bunch of jazzy stuff inside! :P) 

Then added a sticker label on the back of the dairy. 

This is my pencil case and it is called Vintage Rose I keep a lot in my pencil case so I needed one with a lot of compartments and one that kept things divided, there is a very big pouch at the back and there is a net basket in front of that pouch, then a pouch that you can zip and connect to the basket. Then at the front of the pencil case there is a nice pouch that can be zipped. 

And this is what it looks like closed. 

Oh bonus! It has mirror. 

Now everything that goes in pencil case. 

- 30 Fine liner pens. :)

-Pack of 6 mechanical pencils, those are the only pencils I use :) also labelled that pack.

- 3 inky pens, I only use inky pens (bought a pack of 5 but only keep 3 in my pencil case, one blue, one red and one black.)

-A sharpener but not just any sharpener! It has a bin and yes a lid to cover the holes so that it doesn't ruin my pencil case! XD (Which happened a lot last year.) 
You may be thinking you use led pencils...why do you need a sharpener? 
Well there will be the occasional normal one and plus we all have that friend -.-"

- A rubber, (came in a pack of 5) 

-Five super cute highlighters!!!! That glow in the dark!! 

And yes ladies this all fits in my pencil case :} 

This was the glue before.

Then once I was done with it.
For some reason I always decorate my glue stick, I know not my best work but smh smh, it was late :3.

I just jazzed up my old scissors. 
With ribbon!
Cute blue flower gems. (Bunch at the back) 
And glue dots. 

And you know the boring stuff the Maths Set and Calculator. Going back to school shopping Always makes me feel more organised and a tad bit better, so I have something to look forward to. Like using those highlighters! 

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