Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rant Day#15 - £200 food or £20 food?

Now you must be thinking? 

Gurl why she talking about food? 

Well sweetie lemme tell ya! 

I am ranting about restaurant food cause I know they are so many problems with them and plus I'm a bit hungry. 

So lets goo! 


The Name So Big It Twerking. 

Everyone knows this is an issue. All that fancy stuff is nothing. Okay. 

They are just serving a shell stuffed with mayonnaise and a few lettuce leaves. The mayonnaise was not produced any differently unless they sprinkled holy water or something. The lettuce was grown the exact same way as others. 

On a farm, where slugs and bugs crawled all over them. 

So when you see that fancy wording on your menu it is translation for lettuce. 

Just say lettuce. 

Don't go and say a lovely side of green, freshly, cut leaves exported from the finest farms in Paris. We call it Letutut. 

All they did was spray the ketchup in lines instead of leaving it in a blob. 

There's no need to hype up your food nothing will change!
Other than fact I won't pick it because now I know there is something healthy in there! 

The Size 

I absolutely hate this. 

The sizes are so unrealistic. 


I came here to eat. Not starve to death. 

You order a pasta and some bread and guess what comes back? A few strings on the plate I can count those strings! -_-

I don't wanna be able to count my strings, I shouldn't even be able to see half of them because the plate is meant to be full. 

So we get let's say 5 strings and I asked for bread, not a chocolate chip. 

I think they do this on purpose. 

Don't tell me you're doing this for presentation cause you can do a lot of things with more than 5 strings, okeh! Presentation doesn't mean starving us. 

They do this so we order more like puh-lease. 

Is it that you ran out of food and now you gotta start rationing? If so not with me. 

So the waiter said I owe £200. 

I said gurl where? 

She said you ate so much food. 

I said gurl where? 

Where did you see me eat that much?

The prices are just unspeakable. 

Now I am not a cheapskate, hell especially if it's with food. I would spend life savings on food if I had the chance...But I know bills exists...

But when you tell me to pay more than £25 on a meal that didn't even fill me up. Like seriously?  I ate that WHOLE chicken (which was actually bits picked off the bone) in one bite. 

And that bite just dissolved somewhere else. I'm not full, I will not pay money for something that didn't exists.

Mm hm I went there. ^v^ 

All you restaurants need to shape up. Or ship out. 

Cause mama ain't paying £200 for this. 

(Like seriously there is a leaf in this picture -.-) 

When I can pay £2 for this. 

(You can get 4 wings and chips for £1 XC XD) 

I've only been to a few fancy restaurants in my lifetime and that's because I don't think they're worth it. Some people like all that fancy stuff and some don't. Yeah the food might taste 'great' but what's the difference between McDonald and Mc Laurens? 

Tee hee. 

My humour.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Netflix AND Chill Really Means NETFLIX AND CHILL.


Did you hear that sigh? No? Okay.


Summer is upon us. Let's go to the beach. 



Because it's raining and cold. So to all you girls tanning on the beach! 

Holla at me. 


For us it's time for Netflix and Chill and yes we are gonna chill in bed with Netflix. 

So I thought maybe once a week I give you a movie to watch or episode on Netflix. So this week is dun dun dun....

1. The Help. 

It is based on a book. 

This movie never fails to make me cry, laugh and hurl things across my room. When I saw they had put it on Netflix I almost died it is gorgeous. A movie about racism and how an aspiring young writer decides to write a book from the maids POV. 

This movie is based in 1960s during the civil rights movements. Maids or 'the help' as they called are nannies, they take care of children. Many of the maids had been taking care of the same family for years they would take care of the daughter then she would grow up and they would take care of her children. 

Skeeter who is played by the fabulous Emma Stone returns home from college and has goals to become a writer. She dreams big and wants to work in New York and in order to do that she has to gain experience. 

So she decides to write a book on The Help from their POV. She turns to Aibileen who is a maid for Mrs Leefolt. And that is where the story begins. 

My rating? 5 stars. 

This movie shows the struggle of people but also adds humour. It will make you cry and really think about how you treat people. It will also educate you on the civil rights movement and show you that racism was a really big problem then and still is. 

This movie is bae.