Monday, 22 June 2015

Rant Day#14 - Exams

I know you just groaned when you read the title. Why? 

Cause you either just finished exams. whoop! whoop!

Are in the middle of your exams. {Then I wish you good luck if you are reading this instead of revising but I also thank you because I feel special :3 } 

Or starting your exams. Tee hee. 

So why not rant about exams; 

The invigilator:

They threaten you, whether with their eyes or their I don't know.

But you know that one person that walks up and down your row and then stops next to your desk and looks over your shoulder, like no. I just want to get my pen and stab it in their eye

Harsh I know. 

Then they go and tut or read it and walk away. 

 I was chilling singing the answers to this song but you just changed the bridge, like why do they have to throw you off? Like why do they get a rush from it? Or something? Do you have fun standing there and seeing me struggle as I question myself is this the right answer?

Then there are the teachers that threaten you, okay. I am walking into my exam. 

Then this teacher (she has hated me since year 7 but that's a different post) she stopped me and wouldn't let me pass then she said, "One word out of you, I will not hesitate to take your paper watch yourself, yah? Okay I'm telling you." 

It doesn't sound threatening but if you know this teacher, let's call her Ms Sandy, she can threaten and she always talks in this low threatening voice, and Hannah knows what I'm talking about. 

But I ignored her and carried on walking in as I ain't gon let her make me fail nu-uh.

Then she stops me again and is like, "Yes, miss."

I just looked, blinked, and entered. I hated that tryna throw me off my game. 


The Questions:

Type 1-

Why? Why? 

Why is it the topic you never revise is the one question that comes up in the exam and is a full 6 marks questions. 

Why? Couldn't they ask you on the topic you slaved away on the whole night, because you thought it was going to come up. 

But the exam paper say no, Imma kill her, that one question that you didn't study and Rhianna is singing in your ear love the way you lie, and you see everyone else writing and you're like, damn. I'm really going to fail this. 

Type 2- 

The question you never did, this topic isn't in books, the teacher never taught you about it, heck Siri don't know what it is, but apparently the exam paper thinks you do. 

Correct me if I'm wrong. (Don't correct me :P)

But you only have 2 type of diabetes. 

Right? Hm?

This question is always on a topic you don't know and it peevs everyone off. 

Especially me!

The Time:

Okay I get it people need more time than others due to the speed of how fast they write, But we do not need 2 hours to do a multiple choice test. Give me two hours for French reading! Or for English! 

Not ICT multiple choice!

Like does that make sense!? 

The thing is don't stress over exams, as they are just there to test you and see whether you are ready to move on to the next stage in your life, and to test if you can put your skills to the test. 

I don't think exams test knowledge or determine how smart you are but determine and sum up how hard you've been working. 

Just remember exams or results don't determine who you are. The C or F doesn't mean you're a failure or you're going to live life in a lower class it just means you have to work harder, and reach your full potential. 

Work Hard, Play Hard, Dream Hard. 

 I will be trying to make up for the post I missed!


Pinch, Punch, 22nd of the month, no returns!

Icky xxx


New Chapters

The exams are over, and there's one more week of school. 

A few more till I leave behind this city I've grown up in...and move to some unknown area.

I think everyone has to eventually grow up, and adapt. If you don't you just get lost. 

I'm back on my blog and more dedicated than ever to make it into something magical, something that makes people smile. 

Like when you're reading your favourite book on Wattpad and the author updates after a looooooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time, and you just scream into your pillow. 

Well I do that! :P 

Anyway I guess this is me saying:

I'M BACKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yass! Totally werked that Madison Montgomery moment!!