Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rant Day #13 - Fans

Before I start this link is a personality test and it gets your personality on point! Like literally! On point! I will tell you my results at the end! 

*Here's the link*


I have seen celebrities. 
No I am not talking Ariana Grande, and Angelina Jolie kind. 

I'm talking about UK's celebs. 

Obviously if I saw an A-lister I would jump out of the car and rush towards them but hey that just doesn't happen here in London...maybe sometimes. 

-The Kardashians in Westfield they were a doing a signing. 

-The Wanted in Westfield.

-One Directions car literally drove past everyone was taking pictures. 

{For us UKIES}

- Destiny from Waterloo Road and I talked to her!!!!!

- Clara from Doctor Who:

I didn't actually know it was her I saw her walking and I started chasing her to get a better look and see if it was really her, Then she entered the station and turned around and I died.

- Ms Poppy who was in four o clock club and also in Waterloo Road

Me and my friend got off the bus and chased her down the street, and screamed when she told us who she was. Even though we knew.

- Georgina Campbell and I was too scared to go up to her cause I was worried it wasn't her but another girl went to her and I cried...XC

{Murdered by my boyfriend, so sad btw!, The Dumping Ground, Sadie J, The Ark, Holby City, One Night, Ice-Cream Girls, The Cut, Casualty, Freak, Doctors.} 

- Layton from Postcode and School For Stars. 

That's not the point I am going to be talking about type of fans: 

The Originals:

These fans were the there from the beginning, and it seems like they swallowed the whole Wikipedia page on them. They know everything, everything. When they were born, parents, schools, songs, movies, likes, traits. 

It stresses me out. 

They can memorise all that yet can't memorise a simple formula for maths! 

They have been there for ages and when you join the little family they always seem to have a need to 'mark down their territory' 

"He is mine! All mine!"

Al right honey chillll....

I ain't saying anything.

Say that to the million girls following him on instagram. 

They are so over-protective! Always snapping and shouting out info!

No one cares okay! 

She wants you to know that he is hers??? Which is annoying at the same time I want to just strangle her! No one cares!

Okay fine! 

He is yours.

Tell that to the girl he was kissing on the red carpet!


The chilled:

Which is moi they are just neutral and casual about it.

The Obsessed: 

*Warning this is all for fun no one should get obsessed!*

This is annoying these fans are obsessed and when I say obsessed I mean obsessed! 

It's like they eat, sleep, breathe this thing that is controlling them here is an example. 

Terina is driving everyone crazy due to her immense love for Dauntless in Divergent.

She believes she is Divergent. 

Sit down! Please! It is tiring!

I mean.

She tried to lock the teacher out of the classroom and Emily was sitting in her chair screaming, "You're not dauntless sit down! It's not a movie! Sit down!"

If you were in our class you would laugh cause Emily's facial expressions are hilarious. 

It is like these people are are possessed by what they love so much and it's scary cause their either really high on it, creepy about it, or just plain weird. 

To all you girls who are obsessed whether it be with a book, a show, a film...I'm going to put this nicely...



YOU ARE NOT *insert obsession here* 

Al right my personality test result: 


- Curious, Observant, Energetic Enthusiastic, Excellent Communicator, Know How To Relax, Very Popular and Friendly. 

*Flips hair*

Why thank you!

I am not saying my weaknesses cause honeyyyyyyy they ain't true lol!

Comment your results in the comment section! 


  1. You seem like you're a celebrity yourself meeting all those famous people. :-P

    1. Vhy thank you! I am a delight. Lool did you take the quiz?