Thursday, 16 April 2015

Rant Day #12 - People On The Bus

Aloha! Exams close in and my revision books are still shut. WHY!?

I know everyday on the Subway in New York is an adventure. I've seen the videos but there are someone people on the bus who are just-UGH!

I Heard About You:

Now this person talks so loudly on their phone and you are wondering who can hear them better. The person on the other end or the whole bus?

I mean both upstairs and downstairs honey. 

Like seriously ,no one wants to hear how Stephanie walked in on Angelo getting it on with Lucy, who is supposedly seeing Brad. However Brad has a secret girl on the side called Jenny, who has a boyfriend! But plot twist!

Jenny's boyfriend Jack is married with a child. 

But wait I'm sorry who are you?

Ah yes the narrator.

Who is narrating this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the whole entire bus population. 

They talk so loudly.

However, I find it quite interesting at times and can't help but ooh and ahh when I find out Jack's wife confronts Jenny!

But what can you do on a Monday morning apart from catch up on the episodes you missed due to Ms Cough Cough?

But what scares me the most is how these people are almost blind to their surroundings and end up blurting out personal details.

"Where should I meet you?...Pizza Hut...White City? 3;00?"


"You want my address?"

Then BAM. 

They shout out their address and when you think it can't get worse they spell it out and you are literally face-palming while the dodgy John next to you has whipped out his notebook and is scribbling furiously. 

If you asked her to spell out her address again. 

She would. 

Then BAM!

Out goes her phone number, and her card password and dodgy John is like twerking and doing the happy dance next to you.

All you can do is sit and shake your head. 

She practically invited you to join her at Pizza Hut. 

Now she's invited Dodgy John to a sleepover too. 

:P Just kidding!

Seriously though talk quietly on the phone! You don't need everybody to know your business. 

We  All Know Who Brought Ebola.

*Cough Cough*

Cough up your whole throat if you want. 

I ain't going to sympathise with you. 

Do you know why?

Because you just coughed in my face, on my bag, on my uniform in my bubble! Sneezed into your hands then used them to moisturise the pole I was meant to hold onto so I don't fall! 

Why? Why? Why?

These people absolutely kill me and I think they are trying to! Cough into a tissue or cover your mouth. Or sneeze quietly or into a tissue. 

No tissue?

Then use hand-jell.

Cause now I have to sanitise the whole bus. 

I really don't appreciate people who lack in the hygiene and want to make others suffer from it. It is hot, it is cramped, we all breathing in each others air! 

I do not need some nasty viruses partying in my lungs. 

Ya Nastee. 

The Free Music.

Why are peoples music so loud nowadays!?

You might as well be listening to the song yourself cause you can hear every lyrics perfectly and they are using 'earphones.'

Go to Carphone Warehouse and get new ones. 

Cause earphones are not meant to disturb people! 

When I went on holiday to Portugal I was sitting in the train. {There train lines are so simple by the way only three lines. Blue, Yellow and I can't remember the other one...}

Anyway I went to Portugal and I am sitting on the train next to this lady who has earphones in. She is listening to Iggy Azalea so I ended up listening to Iggy Azalea. 

If you walked past me you would just see my head bobbing up and down muttering incoherent words. { Lyrics of the song} 

I just don't get why your music is so loud, that you can't hear it yet we can. Loud and clear!

Stamped passports where they all pass ports 'til the clocks fast forward.

So ladies and gentlemen I hope you are not one of these people but guess we all do one of these things sometimes.

Just try and be aware of your surroundings and other people's rights. Respect that!


Oh and to the kids at the back of the bus.

Be quiet you're not funny.

*If certain are reading this you know what I mean!*



  1. "dodgy John next to you has whipped out his notebook and is scribbling furiously."
    Hahahahahaha xD
    Amazing as usual! :)
    These are some funny people xD
    New blog design looks cool :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thank you!
      There are a lot of dodgy Johns on my bus! It's scary 0_O.


    2. Try taking another bus maybe? :P