Saturday, 7 March 2015

Rant Day #9 - Procrastination.


You know exactly what it means. 

I know what it means. 

We all know what it means. 

Nuh uh not so fast. 

Don't close the laptop or turn off your screen and don't whistle, because I probably just reminded you of something that is due that you wanted to forget and procrastinate about later. 


"I'll tell do it later."

Ain't gonna happen. 

5 stages to procrastination. I shall show you in this beautiful and dare I say cute picture will expose your routine of procrastination. 

Now this is about to blow your mind but you have to do it eventually. 

Some girls do their homework the day they get it *scoff* Sarah give up that phrase already we all know you don't. 

Being a kid was easy you only got homework on Friday and it was a few sheets or write a story then helloooooo, House Of Anubis. 

Now please. 

Teachers put the pressure and decide to give you homework same day we don't procrastinate on purpose sleep is just so tempting and those sheets look so friendly. 

We just close our eyes and BAM it is 8:00am. 

The only reason my French book is full of ticks is probably because we have French straight after break :) You see where I'm going *wink wink*

We wouldn't have to procrastinate if we were given time, and loaded with hours of work. 

Enough excuse's.

1) Sit down and create a plan how long you will spend on work. 

2)Get home relax then set a time when you do work. 


We all know when that snapchat notification pops up yo gon be on your phone like "Hayyy boy."

4) Have a bedtime...

Yes it sounds babyish but I set mine for 9:00pm 10:00pm is my limit. 

If I still need to do work I wake up early. Like around 3ish so I need to have at least 4-5 hours to wake at that time. 

Speaking of which I have things I need to do...

Loool as we get older we see procrastination as an excuse and the more we do it, we get used to it and when we get older we see it isn't an amazing thing. 

For example. I had to rewrite my WHOLE history book in one night. 

I have never been so ashamed for doing a lot of work :P

Well I feel sorry for the history teacher have fun marking miss ;) 


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