Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rant Day #8 - Most Cliché Things On Wattpad.

Al right. Everyone knows what Wattpad is! You cannot know what Wattpad is. 

It is a place where you find amazing books, and opportunities and doors open for you. 

Well for some...

It is also the home of clichés. Wattpad is the club of clichés, I will be talking and expressing my views on what I think. Some may be on things that are cliché in books some may not enjoy.


We have to admit if you write a book it takes time to develop skill. Talent is there yes everyone is naturally good at writing, it is those that stick out that draw me in. Everyone's first book on Wattpad is naturally bad. Admit it.

That little fan-fiction you made cause you were head over heels for that certain celebrity! The first book is always bad or just not entirely great. 

But what annoys me is when people start off the first chapter like this. 

The I'm So Hot And Amazingly Rich Not Popular But Not Loner People Fear Me But Love Me Not  A Mean Girl A Geek But At The Same Time Not  A Geek I Can Hang With Loners And Still Be Cool Insanely Pretty But Don't Wear Make-up Girly Girly But When I Go To A Party Is The First Time People See Me In  A Dress And I Look Amazing. 


Do you see any commas? No exactly. The first chapter is them describing themselves, and talking about how they have junk in the all right places. Literally! But what annoys me is the fact they write with no spaces, no punctuation and just describe what the person looks likes and how their social status somehow gets them bullied, but still adored. 

No one is that insanely beautiful and that adored and no one wants to read the first chapter of the character describing their auto-biography. We are meant to discover what the character is like as we progress through the story. 

Not receive a truck load of info in the first chapter or paragraph it puts me off the book...

If I was already feeling self conscious then you've totally broken my confidence now. 

Because my cherry red lips (Thanks to baby lips) Is nowhere near your natural, full pout, pink lips. 


It's a book but we ain't vampires let's make it realistic people! 

Someone scream preach! 

Wattpad Cliché: 

"I stared at my scruffy hair throwing on the first in my wardrobe"

Link to fully detailed outfit on polyvore. 

The author describes what she "threw on" 


When I 'throw on' something from my wardrobe the first that lands on me is my pyjamas. Half of my clothes are pyjamas. I know I am not the only one come on! We all know our clothes population consist of pyjamas. 

How can she throw on something lazily and walk out of the house wearing a givenchy butterfly patch collar shirt, a Burberry A-line Shearling Coat, white jeans, a Natasha Collins bracelet, and white uggs. 

Let us not forget she: 

"Ran her hands tiredly through her hair."

And a gust of wind suddenly blow dried and curled it into perfection. 


"Splashed her face with cold water."

And viola her face is powdered to perfection. 


Hey I ain't judging! Mother nature has her ways. 

The Stereotypes:

"As she walked down the halls the 'it' crowd sneered and pushed her the barbie dolls who were wearing short clothes and faces caked with make-up laughed at in her face... One grabbed her by hair and warned her to stay away from the hot boy. Her cheap perfume flooded the 'geeks' senses. She caught eyes with Xavier the hot guy and looked down she was just a geek he would never notice her.' 

Whew I would think I wrote cliché books. Wattpad turns you into an expert and actually teaches you what not to write. 

Now you can practically see this coming in every single book you read. The mean girl always bullies the geek who ends up going to the bad boy who loves her and the geek tries to stay away because of the threats from the mean girl. Or the jocks. 

Yes people get bullied and it is a terrible and inhuman thing to do. 

Bringing down others self-confidence to make yourself feel better. 

But America you're killing me, your high schools can't be like this.

Sure, you have the mean girl and the girl everyone seems to like so she is automatically labelled as popular, but not all of them can be snobs and cruel and bully and flaunt to get a guy. 

Not everyone who is popular should be labelled a b****. 

Sure girls gossip and talk, but it can't be so extreme that kids and teachers bully you over something that happened in your life cause one person told them to. 

Is it normal for school to have cliques and idiots? Or is it just a Wattpad craze that caught on...


You are never lower than a person and don't ever think you are just because they walk or talk a certain way, or have a designer handbag, or they are a cheerleader. 

No one has the right to say where you stand. 

Only you and you should stand up tall! 

Books are so predictable nowadays don't get me wrong there are a lot of talented, dedicated and amazing books and authors out there. It just takes an hour of finding the ones that aren't predictable. The ones that leave you screaming when the author says I will update next week. 

The ones that make you cry. 

Connect you with the character. 



I think I will post a few more rants on Wattpad clichés. Because there are so many.


  1. hahaha..I think the same people telling they dressed in a rush and stuff and looking like they took their own sweet time.That mother nature line though lol XD

    1. Loool thank you I do try my best loool. I can tell you probs don't have an experience with Wattpad lool.

    2. None at all.I don't even have an account there.

    3. If you made one omg you will be a celebrity :'D

    Wattpad is basically a site filled with the DON;Ts of writing. You just get on there and cringe at all the horrible styles and angles taken in about 80% of stories. I'm not saying all the writers there are ridiculous, but it's just that finding something decent and actually fun to read is pretty rare.

    1. It is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I thought I was the only one!