Thursday, 19 March 2015

Rant Day #11 - Bathrooms

In London you won't find public bathrooms like in the middle of nowhere unless you enter a store but some people pee me off when it comes to Public Bathroom don't leave it in a state if you don't want it in a state. 

School bathrooms:

Yes school bathrooms can be classified as public cause they are in the same state as them. Al right I our school bathrooms are the definitions of disgusting. You would think girls would be clean I never use the school bathroom unless absolutely necessary. 

Three things I check for when I enter: 

- If the door locks

- If the toilet is clean

- If there is tissue

That can take a while because frankly if there is tissue it is in a puddle on the floor and you stand three debating if it is really water. 

Like it is disgusting the toilets are terrible. 

I can't I feel like vomiting. 

Treat the bathroom nicely. We want to release ourselves. :P

Not release the food we ate at lunch. 

Store Bathrooms:

Store Bathrooms are quite neat and tidy they have to be customers don't wanna nasty stalls but like seriously lady if you walk out and I walk in at it looks like the Harlem shake music video was filmed. 

I feel sorry for the next person cause Imma walk out. 

I feel sorry for the your toilet at home cause it is possibly abused. 

I feel sorry for the noob who started the job because they are probably on clean up duty. 

It is funny talkin about toilets but seriously treat them how you meet them. 

Damn spitting rhymes! 

Imm on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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