Thursday, 12 March 2015

Rant Day #10 - Buy Her A Pencil Case.

Buy her a pencil case. 

I will buy her a pencil case. 

For the love of god I will buy her WHSmith. 

This girl does 2 things. 

We all know this person. 

If you are this person just start digging your grave. 


1) I will borrow it and will return: LIES. 




She always needs a pen and borrows a pen with or without asking and it's either I will give it to you at the end of the day, or end of the lesson it never happens. 

She either loses it or puts it away in her own pencil case. 

And of course us being us we forget to ask for it back. 

But when we spot the certain pen in her bag she acts like it is hers. 

"I bought this with my own money!"

No you didn't. Cause you asked me for 20p to buy a Jubbly from tuck shop. 

"This isn't your pen. It just looks like it."

How can you buy a pen that is pink, covered in sparkles and has my name engraved in GOLD on it. 

Then when you make such a fuss about it they huff and say, "It's just a pen you can buy more."

No why can't you buy more? Huh I am not the dramatic one why'd you have to go steal my pen. This is why you never let people borrow pens. Even if they call you selfish. 

You are not WHSmith. 

2) They think it's funny to hide your pencil case. 

Don't touch my stuff I won't touch yours. 

Don't kick off when I question you cause something goes missing, sorry you're the only that thieves in our class. 

Passing the pencil case to someone doesn't mean you didn't take it, and don't get peeved off when I find it and don't apologise for accusing you. 

Primary school. A boy let's call him Cosmo. 

Cosmo decided it would be funny to steal everything in people's tray then hide it somewhere. 

And every kid in the UK knows your tray is like your dairy. That is your territory. Bruh you don't touch another person's tray cause then you've crossed the line. 

So when we accused Cosmo because he was known for sticky fingers he went ballistic. Then took it too far by taking more things and he still hadn't returned the other things. 

So 'Denise' went crazy and started beating him up. And Denise wasn't the tallest of girls she was quite short and she was kicking, punching and practically tearing him apart. It was hilarious. 

*cough cough* Also very inappropriate for a classroom. 

But funny all the same. 

Cosmo learnt his lesson and if you do this for 'fun' too. 

You better learn yours. :P 

This is why at the end of the term not year term , you are left with one chewed up pencil. 

Two girls in my class. Freya and Lucy both lost their pencil case. 

Lucy barely had nothing in pencil case, Freya had everything in her pencil case. She would always say angrily she isn't WHSmith but gurl she sure is stocking for them. 

When Lucy lost her pencil case she survived two terms feeding off others. :P 

When Freya lost her pencil case she went out and re bought everything. I mean everything. She spent money. Then when she found her old pencil case and everything was there untouched. That must have been quite damming. I volunteered to become the new owner of her old pencil case. 

All I got was a dirty look. You try to help people. 

Lucy on the other hand found her pencil case and she barely had nothing to start with but when she found it all she had left was a broken pencil. It wasn't even a grey writing one it was a green colouring one. :P 

Memories. :P Loool 

Don't steal! 


  1. I had a friend who never had a pen and always needed one from me or her other friends. When her birthday came up, we bought her a pencil case and filled it with €20's worth of pens. She could not laugh about it...

    1. XD Looool that is such a good present. I need to give that to someone.