Sunday, 22 March 2015

Make Over Time!

Here is what happened. 

*Clears throat.*

Hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and cardigan. 

No but seriously. 

Saturday evening pulled out laptop and opened it up and stared at my blog scrolled through other blogs. Stared at mine. 

Scrutinised it. 

Tutted away thinking this wont do. 

Typed in how to make your blog look fancy. 

Pulled out my make up bag. 

Rubbed hands together

Spent hours and ages doing it.

I basically changed the header and background tryna figure how to add the other stuff. :3

 Hope you like it!





Deep Breathe, Smile, Your Life, Your Style. :P 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Rant Day #11 - Bathrooms

In London you won't find public bathrooms like in the middle of nowhere unless you enter a store but some people pee me off when it comes to Public Bathroom don't leave it in a state if you don't want it in a state. 

School bathrooms:

Yes school bathrooms can be classified as public cause they are in the same state as them. Al right I our school bathrooms are the definitions of disgusting. You would think girls would be clean I never use the school bathroom unless absolutely necessary. 

Three things I check for when I enter: 

- If the door locks

- If the toilet is clean

- If there is tissue

That can take a while because frankly if there is tissue it is in a puddle on the floor and you stand three debating if it is really water. 

Like it is disgusting the toilets are terrible. 

I can't I feel like vomiting. 

Treat the bathroom nicely. We want to release ourselves. :P

Not release the food we ate at lunch. 

Store Bathrooms:

Store Bathrooms are quite neat and tidy they have to be customers don't wanna nasty stalls but like seriously lady if you walk out and I walk in at it looks like the Harlem shake music video was filmed. 

I feel sorry for the next person cause Imma walk out. 

I feel sorry for the your toilet at home cause it is possibly abused. 

I feel sorry for the noob who started the job because they are probably on clean up duty. 

It is funny talkin about toilets but seriously treat them how you meet them. 

Damn spitting rhymes! 

Imm on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Strut It Girl!

I don't know if I am the only one who does this but when I am listening to music I feel like someone else. 

So. When I am walking past that girl that always shoots me dirty looks these songs always ends up on my playlist. 

Come on this what we are all singing right now. 

When I listen to this I dance on my way to school. 

It's hard not to dance. Listening to it right now and enjoying myself so if they are mistakes blame it on the boogie. 

Whew! Dem good girls straight masterpiece 

Who's Laughing Now - By Jessie J 

The video is awesome.  Like Jessie J was so yr 4 for us but she still got it! 

Ya like way too late! 

I ain't a fan of Beyonce normally but this is forever on my "Walking past the pink gurlz" 

That's the name of one of my playlist. No lie,

Along with many emoji signs. 

7/11 - Beyonce

Smack Smack it in the air! 

Icky xx 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Packing Tips Save Space

Are you that person that always over packs? 

Ends up stuffing socks in your suitcase. 

Jewellery tangled perfume bottles broken. 

Yeah our worst nightmare, so here are some of my tips, my friends tips and cosmo's tips.

From this: 

To this:

1) Roll your clothes don't fold. Everyone wants to fold but rolling gives you more space in your suitcase. Rolling also stops heavy creasing as well.

2) Drop perfume bottles in your socks and stuff the socks into your shoes. Put your shoes in a shower cap turned inside out to stop them from dirtying your luggage. 

3) Put your bras in each other.

Boys might be errrr....

No but ladies honestly. 

Stack your bras on top of each other folding them in half and tuck your underwear inside!  

4) Put your Jewellery in between two sheets of cling film to stop them from tangling! Genius! 

5) Put large and heavy clothing at the bottom of your suitcase. So you can see things easier!

6) If stacking your bras was not for you slip your underwear into gaps in your suitcase.

Hope you enjoyed this packing tips and it makes holidays a lot easier. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Rant Day #10 - Buy Her A Pencil Case.

Buy her a pencil case. 

I will buy her a pencil case. 

For the love of god I will buy her WHSmith. 

This girl does 2 things. 

We all know this person. 

If you are this person just start digging your grave. 


1) I will borrow it and will return: LIES. 




She always needs a pen and borrows a pen with or without asking and it's either I will give it to you at the end of the day, or end of the lesson it never happens. 

She either loses it or puts it away in her own pencil case. 

And of course us being us we forget to ask for it back. 

But when we spot the certain pen in her bag she acts like it is hers. 

"I bought this with my own money!"

No you didn't. Cause you asked me for 20p to buy a Jubbly from tuck shop. 

"This isn't your pen. It just looks like it."

How can you buy a pen that is pink, covered in sparkles and has my name engraved in GOLD on it. 

Then when you make such a fuss about it they huff and say, "It's just a pen you can buy more."

No why can't you buy more? Huh I am not the dramatic one why'd you have to go steal my pen. This is why you never let people borrow pens. Even if they call you selfish. 

You are not WHSmith. 

2) They think it's funny to hide your pencil case. 

Don't touch my stuff I won't touch yours. 

Don't kick off when I question you cause something goes missing, sorry you're the only that thieves in our class. 

Passing the pencil case to someone doesn't mean you didn't take it, and don't get peeved off when I find it and don't apologise for accusing you. 

Primary school. A boy let's call him Cosmo. 

Cosmo decided it would be funny to steal everything in people's tray then hide it somewhere. 

And every kid in the UK knows your tray is like your dairy. That is your territory. Bruh you don't touch another person's tray cause then you've crossed the line. 

So when we accused Cosmo because he was known for sticky fingers he went ballistic. Then took it too far by taking more things and he still hadn't returned the other things. 

So 'Denise' went crazy and started beating him up. And Denise wasn't the tallest of girls she was quite short and she was kicking, punching and practically tearing him apart. It was hilarious. 

*cough cough* Also very inappropriate for a classroom. 

But funny all the same. 

Cosmo learnt his lesson and if you do this for 'fun' too. 

You better learn yours. :P 

This is why at the end of the term not year term , you are left with one chewed up pencil. 

Two girls in my class. Freya and Lucy both lost their pencil case. 

Lucy barely had nothing in pencil case, Freya had everything in her pencil case. She would always say angrily she isn't WHSmith but gurl she sure is stocking for them. 

When Lucy lost her pencil case she survived two terms feeding off others. :P 

When Freya lost her pencil case she went out and re bought everything. I mean everything. She spent money. Then when she found her old pencil case and everything was there untouched. That must have been quite damming. I volunteered to become the new owner of her old pencil case. 

All I got was a dirty look. You try to help people. 

Lucy on the other hand found her pencil case and she barely had nothing to start with but when she found it all she had left was a broken pencil. It wasn't even a grey writing one it was a green colouring one. :P 

Memories. :P Loool 

Don't steal! 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Rant Day #9 - Procrastination.


You know exactly what it means. 

I know what it means. 

We all know what it means. 

Nuh uh not so fast. 

Don't close the laptop or turn off your screen and don't whistle, because I probably just reminded you of something that is due that you wanted to forget and procrastinate about later. 


"I'll tell do it later."

Ain't gonna happen. 

5 stages to procrastination. I shall show you in this beautiful and dare I say cute picture will expose your routine of procrastination. 

Now this is about to blow your mind but you have to do it eventually. 

Some girls do their homework the day they get it *scoff* Sarah give up that phrase already we all know you don't. 

Being a kid was easy you only got homework on Friday and it was a few sheets or write a story then helloooooo, House Of Anubis. 

Now please. 

Teachers put the pressure and decide to give you homework same day we don't procrastinate on purpose sleep is just so tempting and those sheets look so friendly. 

We just close our eyes and BAM it is 8:00am. 

The only reason my French book is full of ticks is probably because we have French straight after break :) You see where I'm going *wink wink*

We wouldn't have to procrastinate if we were given time, and loaded with hours of work. 

Enough excuse's.

1) Sit down and create a plan how long you will spend on work. 

2)Get home relax then set a time when you do work. 


We all know when that snapchat notification pops up yo gon be on your phone like "Hayyy boy."

4) Have a bedtime...

Yes it sounds babyish but I set mine for 9:00pm 10:00pm is my limit. 

If I still need to do work I wake up early. Like around 3ish so I need to have at least 4-5 hours to wake at that time. 

Speaking of which I have things I need to do...

Loool as we get older we see procrastination as an excuse and the more we do it, we get used to it and when we get older we see it isn't an amazing thing. 

For example. I had to rewrite my WHOLE history book in one night. 

I have never been so ashamed for doing a lot of work :P

Well I feel sorry for the history teacher have fun marking miss ;) 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rant Day #8 - Most Cliché Things On Wattpad.

Al right. Everyone knows what Wattpad is! You cannot know what Wattpad is. 

It is a place where you find amazing books, and opportunities and doors open for you. 

Well for some...

It is also the home of clichés. Wattpad is the club of clichés, I will be talking and expressing my views on what I think. Some may be on things that are cliché in books some may not enjoy.


We have to admit if you write a book it takes time to develop skill. Talent is there yes everyone is naturally good at writing, it is those that stick out that draw me in. Everyone's first book on Wattpad is naturally bad. Admit it.

That little fan-fiction you made cause you were head over heels for that certain celebrity! The first book is always bad or just not entirely great. 

But what annoys me is when people start off the first chapter like this. 

The I'm So Hot And Amazingly Rich Not Popular But Not Loner People Fear Me But Love Me Not  A Mean Girl A Geek But At The Same Time Not  A Geek I Can Hang With Loners And Still Be Cool Insanely Pretty But Don't Wear Make-up Girly Girly But When I Go To A Party Is The First Time People See Me In  A Dress And I Look Amazing. 


Do you see any commas? No exactly. The first chapter is them describing themselves, and talking about how they have junk in the all right places. Literally! But what annoys me is the fact they write with no spaces, no punctuation and just describe what the person looks likes and how their social status somehow gets them bullied, but still adored. 

No one is that insanely beautiful and that adored and no one wants to read the first chapter of the character describing their auto-biography. We are meant to discover what the character is like as we progress through the story. 

Not receive a truck load of info in the first chapter or paragraph it puts me off the book...

If I was already feeling self conscious then you've totally broken my confidence now. 

Because my cherry red lips (Thanks to baby lips) Is nowhere near your natural, full pout, pink lips. 


It's a book but we ain't vampires let's make it realistic people! 

Someone scream preach! 

Wattpad Cliché: 

"I stared at my scruffy hair throwing on the first in my wardrobe"

Link to fully detailed outfit on polyvore. 

The author describes what she "threw on" 


When I 'throw on' something from my wardrobe the first that lands on me is my pyjamas. Half of my clothes are pyjamas. I know I am not the only one come on! We all know our clothes population consist of pyjamas. 

How can she throw on something lazily and walk out of the house wearing a givenchy butterfly patch collar shirt, a Burberry A-line Shearling Coat, white jeans, a Natasha Collins bracelet, and white uggs. 

Let us not forget she: 

"Ran her hands tiredly through her hair."

And a gust of wind suddenly blow dried and curled it into perfection. 


"Splashed her face with cold water."

And viola her face is powdered to perfection. 


Hey I ain't judging! Mother nature has her ways. 

The Stereotypes:

"As she walked down the halls the 'it' crowd sneered and pushed her the barbie dolls who were wearing short clothes and faces caked with make-up laughed at in her face... One grabbed her by hair and warned her to stay away from the hot boy. Her cheap perfume flooded the 'geeks' senses. She caught eyes with Xavier the hot guy and looked down she was just a geek he would never notice her.' 

Whew I would think I wrote cliché books. Wattpad turns you into an expert and actually teaches you what not to write. 

Now you can practically see this coming in every single book you read. The mean girl always bullies the geek who ends up going to the bad boy who loves her and the geek tries to stay away because of the threats from the mean girl. Or the jocks. 

Yes people get bullied and it is a terrible and inhuman thing to do. 

Bringing down others self-confidence to make yourself feel better. 

But America you're killing me, your high schools can't be like this.

Sure, you have the mean girl and the girl everyone seems to like so she is automatically labelled as popular, but not all of them can be snobs and cruel and bully and flaunt to get a guy. 

Not everyone who is popular should be labelled a b****. 

Sure girls gossip and talk, but it can't be so extreme that kids and teachers bully you over something that happened in your life cause one person told them to. 

Is it normal for school to have cliques and idiots? Or is it just a Wattpad craze that caught on...


You are never lower than a person and don't ever think you are just because they walk or talk a certain way, or have a designer handbag, or they are a cheerleader. 

No one has the right to say where you stand. 

Only you and you should stand up tall! 

Books are so predictable nowadays don't get me wrong there are a lot of talented, dedicated and amazing books and authors out there. It just takes an hour of finding the ones that aren't predictable. The ones that leave you screaming when the author says I will update next week. 

The ones that make you cry. 

Connect you with the character. 



I think I will post a few more rants on Wattpad clichés. Because there are so many.

Apologise, Computer Periods, And Marshmallows.


Probably doesn't make up for it but honestly sorry. 

You must have thought I died...I disappeared for a week. 

My computer decided to go on it's 'period' and not work for the whole week and a few days. 
Just got it fixed!

I wasn't able to upload anything and it was driving me mad honestly.

Ask Hannah I told her how angry I was I couldn't upload couldn't do anything!

If it makes you guys feel better I probably flopped the maths test I did yesterday. 

I am so so sorry. 

Two post coming your way. 

Some one say bibbity, bobbity, boop.