Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rant Day #7 - Clothing & Weather Advice

Al right sorry for posting this. Trust me to fall ill and be forced to stay in for the holidays. WHICH ARE ALMOST OVER BTW. They went too fast! >.< 

Anyway enjoy!
Clothing? Simple you were clothes to be dressed either you wear clothes or walk out naked, your choice. But for our sake wear a decent amount. The weather, we have to admit influences our dressing! Are you telling me that if it is -7*c outside you're going to jump out of your house with nothing but shorts and tank top on waving pom poms. 

Like "Let's bring back summer!"

(Ahhhh Olaf ^.^)


If it is below 10 degrees in England it means it is -30 degrees okay! I am going to grab my coat my boots and my scarf and walk out of there with at least 3 layers on. 

I did not expect to see someone wearing shorts with ugg boots on, sunglasses and a fashionable fleece from urban outfitters. 

Is it summer or is it winter? I am confused. 

I know someone who was dressing like that and she was like to me, "Winter and Summer are just beginning!"


This is mind blowing. 

I didn't know Elsa pulled a period attack on us and we are in deep, deep, deep,deep snow. 

(I totally nailed that note! *v*)

What I am saying is that it is freezing! 

It doesn't have to be snowing as long, as the thermometer is showing a minus sign that is a hint. 

(Take a hint, take a hint)

The same goes to you boys. I literally see guys walking out shirtless, I can't. 

The sight scares me. 

 Yes the sun is out but it is not warm. I don't know if you're werewolves or Lizards but how!? I can't walk out without wearing socks over tights...

Don't judge me! 

I didn't know it was a trend to die of hypothermia. 

Be free and express yourself wear whatever you want in the right seasons! If Kim Kardashian can wear a fur coat that is thick and long you can do it too!

(Not hating on the K's )

Al right?

Yasss mam!

When I was younger I used to think I had this magical power to tell when it was going to rain. Basically I would squint at the sun and if these dots appeared yes it was going to rain. 

As I grew up and got exposed to Geography I learnt about the hydraulic cycle and many other things and also learnt the more clouds in the sky the more likely rain.

When my mum says it is gonna rain my whistle go off. 

I am like a solider. 

Ma coat don't have a hood. 

I don't need no concealer running making me look like my face gonna drop off.

I stuff my umbrella, spare socks and the rain never comes! I walk outside with my umbrella and smirk at the other girls chilling without one and I am there thinking "Hahaha gurl you bout to get rained on." 

Instead of Adele singing set fire to the rain all I hear is "Here comes the sun! Do do do do. Here comes the sun I say!"

Not only did I carry unnecessary luggage I looked weird. 

When my mum says the sun is coming out and I DON'T prepare it rains. 

Gurl it rains so damn hard you would think it hadn't rained for years. 

So advice number one. 

1) Don't listen to anyone apart from Siri when asking for weather advice he is the only one that gets it right. 

Another thing the first time I had ironed my school skirt I am standing at the bus stop and there is a massive puddle on the side at first I kept on stepping back and protecting my skirt with my umbrella cause I will not let my chance at best uniform award slip. 

I noticed cars were going slower so they didn't splash the water on the people standing at the bus stop. 

I was so happy people were really considerate. :)

Then this van comes slowly then VROOOOOOOM. 


I was drenched my skirt. The uniform I spent 10 minutes ironing was ruined. 

Advice number two. 

2)Don't stand near puddles. 

I learnt that the hard way. 

Now I hope my advice has been useful enjoy the rest of your holidays! XD 


  1. Your posts totally makes my day :D
    So funny and entertaining every single time :)
    Puddles are awful..There was this road on my way to school it's draining system was very bad and puddles would turn into a huge pond on it when it would go vrroooom on it splashing water all around it was awful..
    And those people walking out with almost nothing on a chilly day Elsa will get them someday..

    1. Lool ugh that must be tough uniform all ruined. Loolz :P She will! Preech!