Thursday, 12 February 2015

Rant Day #6 - Things Teachers Do That Annoy Me

I have deadlines tomorrow. 3 exams!


The day before the holiday and right now I just don't care. 

Cause I always knew teachers were out to get me and I always knew they deliberately went out of their way to annoy me, but like come on! 3 exams!?


Isn't it ever funny when you have a massive project due or a big exam then two other teachers suddenly give you an exam or homework due the same day!?

That doesn't make sense, I've never seen something as coincidental as that!

Do you see what I am hinting?

Don't sit there behind your computer screens staring at this post with big,dopey, innocent eyes thinking this has never happened to you cause...


Teachers do it on purpose. 
I am sorry but it is true. 

They all sit down in the staff room (which I used to think was so amazing before I found out it was a small stuffy room with a photocopiers and a few chairs.) and gossip about the class or student they hate the most. 

One teacher says he is giving them a test and another says "Yah right man! I will give them one too!"

Another comes along and tries to join the squad and says "Yeah and I will give them a really big assignment which will be half of their grade which will seriously kill them over the holidays!"

So when you are at home crying, bawling your eyes, out allowing your mascara to run, still wearing your school uniform, lying on the floor helplessly surrounded by books and papers begging your friends to send you screen shots of work. 

Just remember when their time comes. Karma is always unfair. 

Using the bathroom:

It is life. Human nature! It is natural. 

When you ask if you can use the bathroom and the teacher says "Can you?"

Like come on we did this in Biology, we can!

It isn't even funny. 

"You should have gone at break!"

I didn't need to go at break then did I?

Why? Do you want me to sit in my chair shaking it is sad. Plain sad to see a girl shaking and squeezing her eyes shut trying to think of anything else but water. 

What also annoys me is when you are reluctant to ask them because you think they will say no and others go to the bathroom then you ask and they say. 

"Two people already went sit down!"


Oh I am sorry I didn't know my bladder was linked to theirs!

What do you think I am going to do in the toilet with them!?...

(Ignore that) >.< (teehee I am so weird)

No but seriously come on! Have you seen the school toilets no one wants to use them. Three things to check for. A clean toilet, if you find a clean toilet look for tissue you find tissue make sure the toilet door locks. 

Ain't nobody need someone walking in on you recreating a scene from sittin on the toilet. 

This drives me mad. (Not the scene part the part when they don't let me go to the toilet...)

The teachers in our school always say "I've been teaching for 5 hours you don't think I need to go toilet? You don't see me going to the toilet!"

Don't go to the toilet. No one is forcing you. 

(Go to the toilet we don't care we won't tell anyone! Besides we like it when you leave the classroom gives us five minutes to film the Harlem shake.)

Besides it is your job to teach. 

Next time read the fine print. 

Imagine. You spent hours doing this piece of homework. 
You are actually proud of this piece the first one that you didn't search for examples. 

You were the only one who did it so lets face it you are feeling a little elated. 

Then the teacher doesn't ask for the homework. 

You're shocked bruv, I am always shocked I know this teacher always ask for the homework as we enter the class. You remind him ignoring the death stares from class mates and he says he has the audacity to say.

"Oh don't worry about that it was just practise!"





The same teacher who takes everything seriously!?

If you ever do that to me just know now you've lost my respect. 

Don't make such a big deal out of it if you aren't bothered to mark it let alone collect it. 

Telling me it's practise. 

Well how about I practise my karate skills on your face?

Don't worry it's just practise.

Tired, deadlines ugh. 

Goodnight guys.

I will sleep. 

And sleep and sleep. 

Sleep away the whole day. 

Unless I am forced to go to school.


Cry for me guys cry for me cry me a river......Maybe it will flood and the school will closed fingers crossed! 


  1. T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T
    was that enough?floods yet? XD

    1. I guess you tried...The worst that happened was that the toilet in one of the stalls overflowed...T_T XP Had 7 exams not even 3.