Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rant Day #5 - People In Cinema's

Movies come out every single month or month or every three months. But it is a common occurrence! Right now Fifty Shades Of Grey is going to be released and yuck! :< Nah nasty. Anyways I am waiting for Jupiter Ascending to come out. Hello Mila Kunis is in it?

These types of people just just ugh!

The Flashlight:

Read the sign NO PHONES ALLOWED. 

No one wants a bright light blinding them because you are tapping away on your screen attempting to beat your high score of 3 on flappy bird. Oh sorry my mistake you're texting your boyfriend narrating a movie you aren't even watching!

Don't you get it that smartiephone shouldn't be in your hand!?

Okay fine I get it! You're popular I apologise but can you go be popular somewhere else. What is the point paying £20 for a movie you aren't even going to watch? Where the hell is the logic in that?
Seeing as you're phone is out why don't you ask siri!

Ant's In My Pants:

Al right this person decided to come and walk a marathon in the Cinema. Yes we are watching the Hunger Games no need to re live it for us. These people get me so mad. First they come late and stumble over you to try and find a seat then during the movie they must walk up and down. 

To go toilet. 

Get a drink. 

Grab my friends phone.

Show their hotter than Peter. 


I went to watch the Hunger games Mocking jay part 1 with 3 of my friends, in the row we were seated it was just us 4 and the rest of the seats were occupied by a group of boys. 

One kid decided that nah he can't sit still for 2 hours and insisted on constantly getting up. 

Being patient Hannah and I tolerated it but when it got to the hanging tree scene nu uh. He walked past us and left the cinema then went to walk past and they had started singing. 

Hannah just shouted. "Can you sit down!?" This kid ran.

It was so funny. He actually ran. Maybe it was because he heard the threat she had muttered afterwards but all I know is that he ran like a chicken. 

Then ended up pouring his and his friends snacks. 

Yes guys Karma can be annoying >:> 

The Commentator: 

Al right I admit sometimes I am guilty of this but only if I am with my friends at school or at home and watching a movie then those comments show up.

But not in the Cinema. 

"Oh my gosh." A random girl pokes you in rib. 

"Like can someone say PG 13!? Hahaha"

They are holding hands. 

This person feels the need to tell you what is happening say what is happening in real life then spoil the whole movie for you.



I don't know you! You don't know me!? 

Haven't you ever heard of stranger danger like come on!

I could strangle you! I probably will because you just told me Gus dies and we are not even half way through the movie. 

Yes it is acceptable if comments are minimum and you are just with your friends. But not in the cinema! If we wanted to commentary we would turn on audio description or search the movie on Wikipedia.

Thank you very much! 

Someone please show this couple the exit and escort them to the club because something bad is going on down there. 

I want to watch the fault in our stars, not Fifty Shades Of Grey! Al right give your girl a little peck on the lips hold her hand allow her to rest her head on your shoulder, but do not DO NOT go all Restricted on us please. 

No you are not distracting us. You are disgusting us, it isn't quiet or subtle. Just take whatever you are doing home, and watch the movie illegally or something. Though I doubt you will be watching it. Couples, Valentines Day is approaching, and yes show your appreciation but behind closed doors. 

Exits can be accessed on the right and left side of the cinema and please leave in an orderly fashion. 

Just had to get that off my chest because I hardly go to the Cinema and when I do I have horrible, horrible experiences. No one wants someone attempting to do the Mocking jay whistle constantly over and over again.

Ugh Cinema's man.

Oh my god. I have a French test tomorrow.

Kill. Me. Now, 


  1. Oh my God, story of me watching Hunger Games movies.
    The Hunger Games: I sat right next to a father would been dragged there by his daughter and he was constantly on his phone, texting I don't know who.
    Catching Fire: sat next to me friend who decided to be some kind of flipped sports commentator inbetween asking 'Is Peeta gonna die now?' and 'Katniss looks stoned'.
    Mockingjay part 1: people came ten minutes late, fell half on top of me because me legs were blocking their path and I didn't feel like being cooperative.
    Awesome post and so, so true ;)

    1. I felt your pain gurl literally! Like oh my gosh so many people kicked me that day! They need to come early!!!

  2. Lol I watched Hunger Games Mockingjay in an empty theater it was literally empty expect for me and my cousin sisters total of 5 was heaven..XD
    And the couples in theater sometimes pretend they got invisibility cloak while people around them think it's another movie going on XD Today only a couple kind of cornered me into a corner of metro train while I was commuting back and the guy was poking and doing stuff at girl and everyone was looking at them and there was I standing trying to not yell at them and reading my book trying to keep away from the monkeys :P

    1. Iit is literally annoying! Loool. Lucky you when Ii watched it the cinema was full.