Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rant Day #7 - Clothing & Weather Advice

Al right sorry for posting this. Trust me to fall ill and be forced to stay in for the holidays. WHICH ARE ALMOST OVER BTW. They went too fast! >.< 

Anyway enjoy!
Clothing? Simple you were clothes to be dressed either you wear clothes or walk out naked, your choice. But for our sake wear a decent amount. The weather, we have to admit influences our dressing! Are you telling me that if it is -7*c outside you're going to jump out of your house with nothing but shorts and tank top on waving pom poms. 

Like "Let's bring back summer!"

(Ahhhh Olaf ^.^)


If it is below 10 degrees in England it means it is -30 degrees okay! I am going to grab my coat my boots and my scarf and walk out of there with at least 3 layers on. 

I did not expect to see someone wearing shorts with ugg boots on, sunglasses and a fashionable fleece from urban outfitters. 

Is it summer or is it winter? I am confused. 

I know someone who was dressing like that and she was like to me, "Winter and Summer are just beginning!"


This is mind blowing. 

I didn't know Elsa pulled a period attack on us and we are in deep, deep, deep,deep snow. 

(I totally nailed that note! *v*)

What I am saying is that it is freezing! 

It doesn't have to be snowing as long, as the thermometer is showing a minus sign that is a hint. 

(Take a hint, take a hint)

The same goes to you boys. I literally see guys walking out shirtless, I can't. 

The sight scares me. 

 Yes the sun is out but it is not warm. I don't know if you're werewolves or Lizards but how!? I can't walk out without wearing socks over tights...

Don't judge me! 

I didn't know it was a trend to die of hypothermia. 

Be free and express yourself wear whatever you want in the right seasons! If Kim Kardashian can wear a fur coat that is thick and long you can do it too!

(Not hating on the K's )

Al right?

Yasss mam!

When I was younger I used to think I had this magical power to tell when it was going to rain. Basically I would squint at the sun and if these dots appeared yes it was going to rain. 

As I grew up and got exposed to Geography I learnt about the hydraulic cycle and many other things and also learnt the more clouds in the sky the more likely rain.

When my mum says it is gonna rain my whistle go off. 

I am like a solider. 

Ma coat don't have a hood. 

I don't need no concealer running making me look like my face gonna drop off.

I stuff my umbrella, spare socks and the rain never comes! I walk outside with my umbrella and smirk at the other girls chilling without one and I am there thinking "Hahaha gurl you bout to get rained on." 

Instead of Adele singing set fire to the rain all I hear is "Here comes the sun! Do do do do. Here comes the sun I say!"

Not only did I carry unnecessary luggage I looked weird. 

When my mum says the sun is coming out and I DON'T prepare it rains. 

Gurl it rains so damn hard you would think it hadn't rained for years. 

So advice number one. 

1) Don't listen to anyone apart from Siri when asking for weather advice he is the only one that gets it right. 

Another thing the first time I had ironed my school skirt I am standing at the bus stop and there is a massive puddle on the side at first I kept on stepping back and protecting my skirt with my umbrella cause I will not let my chance at best uniform award slip. 

I noticed cars were going slower so they didn't splash the water on the people standing at the bus stop. 

I was so happy people were really considerate. :)

Then this van comes slowly then VROOOOOOOM. 


I was drenched my skirt. The uniform I spent 10 minutes ironing was ruined. 

Advice number two. 

2)Don't stand near puddles. 

I learnt that the hard way. 

Now I hope my advice has been useful enjoy the rest of your holidays! XD 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It Was Cold That Night

Emma stared at the picture. 

Her eyebrows creased allowing worry lines to form on her forehead and her lips etched into a frown. 

"Excuse me miss?" She was shaken out of her thoughts by the kind face of the Liberian. "Miss, we are closed." 

It was then Emma noticed the library was deserted and all the lights were off except for the corner which she occupied. "Oh yeah...sorry." Emma apologised, hastily collecting her belongings and shoving them into her worn out bag which she slung over her shoulder. 

"Its al right pet. You always come here the minute the library opens and you're always the last to leave."

Emma sent a small smile. "Yeah...Books are a girls best friend right..."

She turned around to leave before the librarian called her back. 

"You forgot this." She held out the picture. 

Emma's frown returned and she took the picture silently and left the library. 

It was already dark outside and the wind was breathing harshly and Emma pulled the coat tighter around her body tears prickled in her eyes. 

Where would she go? 

She felt the gaze of the kind librarian and straightened up and walked not knowing where she was walking to. 

Her feet seemed to have a set destination as they carried her through the familiar neighbourhood. 

She found herself standing at the gates of what used to be her home. 

The blinds were drawn back so she could see directly into the dining area where her mother was putting down plates and plates of food on the table that always went to the bin or was stored as leftovers that were forgotten. 

Like her. 

Her dad sat in his seat at the end of the table his face buried in the newspaper not once acknowledging his family. Her younger sisters Clarice and Carly plaited their dolls hair humming the tunes of frozen.

Her eldest sister. 

Who was the definition of perfection set the table. 

Emma stood there staring at what used to be her family her chair was untouched her place was cold and bare at the dining table. She watched as they ate, talked, laughed, gloated. 

She could go back in. 

Comply to their rules. 

Do everything they wanted her to be, to do. 

Let them control her life. 

Apologise for mistakes that she never did. 

Endure the same pain she had endured for the last 17 years. 

Watch them smile at her misfortune. 

Her mother walked towards the blinds to close them and her eyes locked with Emma's. Sharp, cold green orbs staring into her dull, lifeless pupils. 

Her face turned cold and her glare sent the message loudly. 

She wasn't wanted. 

Emma turned around her throat constricted and she started walking. 
She was never and would never be accepted. 

She knew they were watching , her whole family was watching her. 

She turned back around and placed the picture down in front of their house. Clicked open a pen and shakily scribbled words onto the picture and started walking never looking back. 

'Thank you for allowing me to see the monsters of the world and stopping me from becoming exactly like them.' 

She didn't have anywhere to go. 

She patted her stomach proudly. 

It was cold outside. 

But colder in the place she once called home. 

Maybe she thought this thing inside of me will be my warmth. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Rant Day #6 - Things Teachers Do That Annoy Me

I have deadlines tomorrow. 3 exams!


The day before the holiday and right now I just don't care. 

Cause I always knew teachers were out to get me and I always knew they deliberately went out of their way to annoy me, but like come on! 3 exams!?


Isn't it ever funny when you have a massive project due or a big exam then two other teachers suddenly give you an exam or homework due the same day!?

That doesn't make sense, I've never seen something as coincidental as that!

Do you see what I am hinting?

Don't sit there behind your computer screens staring at this post with big,dopey, innocent eyes thinking this has never happened to you cause...


Teachers do it on purpose. 
I am sorry but it is true. 

They all sit down in the staff room (which I used to think was so amazing before I found out it was a small stuffy room with a photocopiers and a few chairs.) and gossip about the class or student they hate the most. 

One teacher says he is giving them a test and another says "Yah right man! I will give them one too!"

Another comes along and tries to join the squad and says "Yeah and I will give them a really big assignment which will be half of their grade which will seriously kill them over the holidays!"

So when you are at home crying, bawling your eyes, out allowing your mascara to run, still wearing your school uniform, lying on the floor helplessly surrounded by books and papers begging your friends to send you screen shots of work. 

Just remember when their time comes. Karma is always unfair. 

Using the bathroom:

It is life. Human nature! It is natural. 

When you ask if you can use the bathroom and the teacher says "Can you?"

Like come on we did this in Biology, we can!

It isn't even funny. 

"You should have gone at break!"

I didn't need to go at break then did I?

Why? Do you want me to sit in my chair shaking it is sad. Plain sad to see a girl shaking and squeezing her eyes shut trying to think of anything else but water. 

What also annoys me is when you are reluctant to ask them because you think they will say no and others go to the bathroom then you ask and they say. 

"Two people already went sit down!"


Oh I am sorry I didn't know my bladder was linked to theirs!

What do you think I am going to do in the toilet with them!?...

(Ignore that) >.< (teehee I am so weird)

No but seriously come on! Have you seen the school toilets no one wants to use them. Three things to check for. A clean toilet, if you find a clean toilet look for tissue you find tissue make sure the toilet door locks. 

Ain't nobody need someone walking in on you recreating a scene from sittin on the toilet. 

This drives me mad. (Not the scene part the part when they don't let me go to the toilet...)

The teachers in our school always say "I've been teaching for 5 hours you don't think I need to go toilet? You don't see me going to the toilet!"

Don't go to the toilet. No one is forcing you. 

(Go to the toilet we don't care we won't tell anyone! Besides we like it when you leave the classroom gives us five minutes to film the Harlem shake.)

Besides it is your job to teach. 

Next time read the fine print. 

Imagine. You spent hours doing this piece of homework. 
You are actually proud of this piece the first one that you didn't search for examples. 

You were the only one who did it so lets face it you are feeling a little elated. 

Then the teacher doesn't ask for the homework. 

You're shocked bruv, I am always shocked I know this teacher always ask for the homework as we enter the class. You remind him ignoring the death stares from class mates and he says he has the audacity to say.

"Oh don't worry about that it was just practise!"





The same teacher who takes everything seriously!?

If you ever do that to me just know now you've lost my respect. 

Don't make such a big deal out of it if you aren't bothered to mark it let alone collect it. 

Telling me it's practise. 

Well how about I practise my karate skills on your face?

Don't worry it's just practise.

Tired, deadlines ugh. 

Goodnight guys.

I will sleep. 

And sleep and sleep. 

Sleep away the whole day. 

Unless I am forced to go to school.


Cry for me guys cry for me cry me a river......Maybe it will flood and the school will closed fingers crossed! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rant Day #5 - People In Cinema's

Movies come out every single month or month or every three months. But it is a common occurrence! Right now Fifty Shades Of Grey is going to be released and yuck! :< Nah nasty. Anyways I am waiting for Jupiter Ascending to come out. Hello Mila Kunis is in it?

These types of people just just ugh!

The Flashlight:

Read the sign NO PHONES ALLOWED. 

No one wants a bright light blinding them because you are tapping away on your screen attempting to beat your high score of 3 on flappy bird. Oh sorry my mistake you're texting your boyfriend narrating a movie you aren't even watching!

Don't you get it that smartiephone shouldn't be in your hand!?

Okay fine I get it! You're popular I apologise but can you go be popular somewhere else. What is the point paying £20 for a movie you aren't even going to watch? Where the hell is the logic in that?
Seeing as you're phone is out why don't you ask siri!

Ant's In My Pants:

Al right this person decided to come and walk a marathon in the Cinema. Yes we are watching the Hunger Games no need to re live it for us. These people get me so mad. First they come late and stumble over you to try and find a seat then during the movie they must walk up and down. 

To go toilet. 

Get a drink. 

Grab my friends phone.

Show their hotter than Peter. 


I went to watch the Hunger games Mocking jay part 1 with 3 of my friends, in the row we were seated it was just us 4 and the rest of the seats were occupied by a group of boys. 

One kid decided that nah he can't sit still for 2 hours and insisted on constantly getting up. 

Being patient Hannah and I tolerated it but when it got to the hanging tree scene nu uh. He walked past us and left the cinema then went to walk past and they had started singing. 

Hannah just shouted. "Can you sit down!?" This kid ran.

It was so funny. He actually ran. Maybe it was because he heard the threat she had muttered afterwards but all I know is that he ran like a chicken. 

Then ended up pouring his and his friends snacks. 

Yes guys Karma can be annoying >:> 

The Commentator: 

Al right I admit sometimes I am guilty of this but only if I am with my friends at school or at home and watching a movie then those comments show up.

But not in the Cinema. 

"Oh my gosh." A random girl pokes you in rib. 

"Like can someone say PG 13!? Hahaha"

They are holding hands. 

This person feels the need to tell you what is happening say what is happening in real life then spoil the whole movie for you.



I don't know you! You don't know me!? 

Haven't you ever heard of stranger danger like come on!

I could strangle you! I probably will because you just told me Gus dies and we are not even half way through the movie. 

Yes it is acceptable if comments are minimum and you are just with your friends. But not in the cinema! If we wanted to commentary we would turn on audio description or search the movie on Wikipedia.

Thank you very much! 

Someone please show this couple the exit and escort them to the club because something bad is going on down there. 

I want to watch the fault in our stars, not Fifty Shades Of Grey! Al right give your girl a little peck on the lips hold her hand allow her to rest her head on your shoulder, but do not DO NOT go all Restricted on us please. 

No you are not distracting us. You are disgusting us, it isn't quiet or subtle. Just take whatever you are doing home, and watch the movie illegally or something. Though I doubt you will be watching it. Couples, Valentines Day is approaching, and yes show your appreciation but behind closed doors. 

Exits can be accessed on the right and left side of the cinema and please leave in an orderly fashion. 

Just had to get that off my chest because I hardly go to the Cinema and when I do I have horrible, horrible experiences. No one wants someone attempting to do the Mocking jay whistle constantly over and over again.

Ugh Cinema's man.

Oh my god. I have a French test tomorrow.

Kill. Me. Now, 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

First Of The Month

"Pinch, punch first in the month!"

"Hey! No fair I already punched you this morning."


"I said no returns..."


"Yes I did it!"

"Flick, Kick for being so quick!"


Al right, who would think one month of 2015 has already passed? I actually cannot believe it, everything is going by so quickly.

2015 was a fresh start and all I could think was "New Year, New Me" I still have not touched the doors of a gym...


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been commenting, following even if you view it and don't comment or follow thank you cause you still viewed it and my heart swells when I see a new comment or follow or view.

Now just wanna say a massive thank you to:

Neal Kind: First comment on my post since then he is always commenting and viewing and I think if he didn't comment this blog would probably have been on my "to do " list. {His blog bomb dot com check it out}

Catalina Blue: Always commenting and forever making me smile one of my motivators {Her blog is fabsomazing check that out}

A massive shout out to Teenage Blogger Central {}

Without them I don't think I would have this support and I cherish this once I learn how to add badges and icons and make my blog all fancy I will be able to add a link so you can check them out.

Anyway yesterday in January I had about 9 post so maybe I was thinking I would be posting 10 post minimum every month but 15 maximum.

4 Rant days per month.

4 Secret Saturdays per month.

2 poems/short stories.

The rest will be random things what do you think of the timetables?

Happy New Month.