Sunday, 11 January 2015

The 7:45 Train.


"You said you loved me!" She screamed in his face. 

He shook his head sadly. "That changed...I changed."

She scoffed rolling her eyes. 

"It's not you it's me." He said. 

She ignored his statement decoding the message and just stared at him in silence.

The vibrant green orbs that she used to lock eyes with seemed distant, cold, unfamiliar, It's not fair. She had been in these situation's over and over again. 

She constantly cursed herself for wearing her heart on sleeves. 

But what could she do?

She fell in love. 

She thought he was different. 

"I still love you Jeane." He broke the silence. "Just not that way."

Her lip quivered and tears danced out of her eyes she shook her head laughing bitterly. 

She had heard that too many times. 

She pushed past him slamming the door. He breathed a sigh of relief then panic struck him. 

The train. 

The 7:45 train. 

It wasn't the first time she tried.

After her parents died she did it almost succeeded almost sealed the deal with death.

But he caught her.

He walked out of her life.

Who was going to catch her now?

"Jeane!" He ran out of the house charging towards the train station jumping over the barriers. 



She turned around. 

Her blonde hair danced with the wind and her cheeks stained with tears, she wasn't attractive she knew she wasn't but he made her feel pretty,wanted,loved.

She almost fell in love again. 

Before she remembered love was a just word.

He was just a lie.

He was just a dream. 

Her scream was just a whisper. 

He ran forward in order to grab her and haul her into the safety of his arms but his hand just brushed the leather of her jacket. The train horns blared as her body was thrown against the wind-shield yet the train never stopped.


Not my best :/ just thought of it now. 


  1. This is nice:)
    Different than other two posts and equally interesting :D

  2. I love this. It is different to your other posts it shows versatility. I love your blog :)
    Another Teen On The Web