Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rant Day #4 - People In Public

 Now I might be on a time limit cause I am making oats I already let the milk overflow the pot and spill over the whole stove...:s

Now I take public transport. Shocker right (!) Yah I know I don't seem like that person that wakes up at 5:00 and leaves the house at 7:30 but yeah I take public transport like every godamn kid in this world...Well not everyone.

Funny how it is the kids that have their parents drop them off at school and live the closest are always late! *Cough Cough*

Anywayyyy (I say that a lot...I get off topic a lot)

In the morning you see all kinds of people heck go to Camden you are walking through a costume party but that's not what annoys me it's those inconsiderate, annoying, people who think they own the train or bus so they can do whatever the hell they want!

Well news flash. YOU DON'T AND YOU CAN'T.

But they still do!

So as I always say grab your popcorn and get your fingers ready to click and say "mmmmhmmmm I know sista preech it." Cause I can assure you we all know these types of people.

Slow Walkers: 

The world is your oyster doesn't mean you have to sleep walk your way through it. Come on girl don't be selfish okay! I have somewhere to be! It's called school. If I am late I will get in trouble. It's called detention. The side walk is like a tight rope and you are using your fake ugg boots to take up all the space swinging your fake Michael Kors bag (mhm I called her out!) and taking your time. DO YOU NOT SEE THE TIME!?

These people think they can just occupy the pavement and you try to walk around them but it is impossible to get in front. Hell no I am not stepping on that road so a car can come and decide to do the Harlem Shake with me, Uh uh. What makes you think you own bricks? 

When I was walking to the station I politely asked a woman to excuse me. Guess what she did? She removed her blue Chanel glasses looked me up down and sniffed stuffing her nose in the air. No lie. Then she put her sun glasses back on and said, "There is a road you know."  And carried on at her turtle pace.


Yah there is a road it is for cars. 

I once again tried walking around her but she kept on hogging the side walk. 

Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp yab and she moved aside I stood there trying to comprehend what had just occurred...Did she just pinch me? 

She carried on walking ahead and I was so tempted to get that fake Michael Kors bag and sell it to the black market...Not that I know if it is real or anything...

I was in pure utter shock she just pinched me. 

Being the nice person I was I ignored her and this time carried on walking over-taking her. She missed the train. I couldn't help but allow the smile that spread across my face. 

Oh yeah! 

I must have looked crazy on that train. As I watched her fade away thinking of her standing in the cold waiting for another 10 minutes. Her hair messy and make up ruined. 

She had that coming! 

The Couple:

Al right I was a sucker for love until Disney Channel and Wattpad came along and spoilt that for me.

I still smile at cute couples who hold hands, and snuggle and you can tell they are so in love but I do not appreciate the so called "friend" and her "fianc√©" getting excited in the morning. 

I can feel my pumpkin spice latte churning in my stomach. 

We get it you are in "love"(!) But they are kids here they can learn all about that in Science class and I am a still kid okay my eyes are too innocent for this!

Okay maybe a quick kiss is okay but we do not need your girl whimpering like a puppy cause you are getting off the next stop. This isn't the notebook. 

This is how you say goodbye: 

(Took me ages to find a decent picture)

This is acceptable: 

Not this!: 

Okay chill! Yeah I know you won't see her face to face for another six hours, maybe but there is Instagram, Snapchat, Whatssap, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Imessage, Face time, Skype, WeChat every godamn way of communicating has been made. 


No one on the train what's their own version of whatever bad movies you guys watch nowadays :P Okay please just keep your hands at your sides and your mouth closed and if that doesn't work...

There is always sellotape. 

The DJ 

Not only do these people have music blaring out from their headphones, they are also attempting to sing and dance at the same time! That is not something you do rush-hour public transport. 

The funny thing is you can practically hear Iggy Azalea walking a mile in her louboutin's yet they mutter and curse saying they can't hear a thing. You lied gurl. You lied.

If I can hum a long to your song then that means those beats you have on your ears are fake, cause obviously the dodgy dude you bought them from didn't want you to turn up but wanted the train to.

This isn't a party it is too early! No one wants your frizzy, smelly hair in their face at 8:00 as you attempt to sing thinking people will sing with you. 

Okay true story I promise. 

I was in year 7 or year 8 and I was on the bus upstairs chilling in the front. Then a kid starts singing the Climb...It was k I saw his school logo (Joke!!!) then another kid joined in and then another and another and they were all from different schools before I knew it the whole upper deck was singing Miley Cyrus. I was sitting there wondering if I was in the middle of flash mob and being filmed. 

It was so random but so annoying. 

From that day that kid always sang.



It is a Monday morning I would sacrifice chicken to go back to bed. No scratch that I would sacrifice your vocal chords...You didn't need it anyway. 

So please do not sing. 

I know when you have headphones you think you sound amazing but you don't. I am not just saying that, I thought I was Ariana Grande when I was listening to music in my room before my bro was just "Checking" If everything was al right. 

Public Transport sucks. 

Oh snap... My oats burnt. 


  1. Pinched you?Did she know what 'excuse me' meant?
    Maybe they just want to check the girls weight by lifting her up XD

    1. Loool XD that is one way to check a girls weight. I don't know but I can assure you the next time I saw that lady she moved out of my way :P. Do you like the notebook?

    2. No, not really :P
      it's just that I've seen better romantic movies than it :)