Thursday, 22 January 2015

Rant Day #3 - A Students Proud Days

Standing on top of the podium she beamed and smiled brightly waving to the ground with one hand and holding her gold medal with another, she glanced down at the two girls both holding medals yet still standing below her. First she thought proudly.

She grinned while the other two girls shot her dirty looks and she brushed them off climbing down her first place podium. She won. That was all that mattered.

The other two girls glared as she stepped down. Once again she ignored them and continued her journey before tripping and twisting and landing awkwardly on the floor.

There was silence as she blushed a beetroot red and the two other girls cackled with laughter and others joined in very soon everyone was laughing. One girl offered her hand but dropped it allowing her to fall again. 

No one cared that she had come first, that was history her landing to reality was all they cared about.


Now apart from Graduation (We can all say that is a students proudest moments) what other moments do we have? Now don't start counting your achievements cause we all know they are false.

I am not saying you shouldn't be proud or happy when something good happens or you achieve something but I am asking was there a time when you truly, truly, truly felt proud? Not the proud, when you get 4 merit certificates and your friend gets awarded 10.

Or when you win and someone else gets awarded a prize for having a perfect score.


Face it those are every ones straight faced days.

Like whatever I do how is never good enough.

Now I am here to tell you the proudest moments I have encountered and witnessed and if you are like me *teehee* or love having your live episode of Pretty Little Liars then you are going to enjoy this.


Getting Sent Out Then Getting Sent Back:

Now when you want to prove a statement or want to prove your right we usually ended up either screaming, or doing a speech. Now every student knows getting sent out of the classroom is no fun as you have to hide in the corridors dodge the headteacher and hold in your rage. 

Now we have this teacher who doesn't...communicate very well. I don't know if her boyfriend broke up with her something but that term was hell for everyone. 

She would snap, scream, moan, snitch and do everything in her way to make life terrible for us. 

Now things are better but then damn. 

Anyway it was one of the "difficult" days and we were all in class doing theory it was like she wanted to annoy us she gave us word searches that were impossible. We were all sitting there thinking of ways to get away with murder. 

It was as if she literally typed in "worlds hardest word searches"

Anyway she said no talking. So we were trying to communicate by swapping sheets and filling in the ones we knew for our friends then one girls sneezed. 

Another girl said bless you. 

All hell broke loose. 

She started screaming shouting then the girl said "All I said was bless you." 

The teacher was then like go to the head teacher. 

She screamed at her then my stupid, stupid friend Maurice argued, I knew she did nothing wrong but this teacher kept on shouting, so she told her to go to the head. 

Before she went Maurice stood at the door started talking. 

"Miss sending me to the headteacher isn't going to do anything because even though you think I did something wrong I didn't, I know I didn't do anything so I know I am not going to get in trouble. No matter how many times you shout I am not going to get in trouble." 

Her speech made me shed tears. It was so moving. 

She did a speech and stood up for herself and us.

Then she went to the head, 

Me having the big mouth I tried to back Maurice up nicely. 

"Miss I know you told us not to talk but it was just on instinct."

Guess what? 

I got sent too. -_-

I didn't bother with a speech Maurice had done it for me. 

We went and the head just laughed and told us that we could stay in the hall and finish our work there if we wanted to. 

We walked back into that classroom grinning like chesire cats. I was like.

"Surprise bish, I bet you thought you seen the last of me."

Yes aced it total worked that Madison Montgomery moment. 

I strutted grabbed my bags and left that class in silence me and Maurice enjoyed ourselves while our class enjoyed hell for another 2 hours. 

That my friends was one of my proudest moments. 

New Year, first year, year seven little miss X-Factor bribed her friends by singing to them. 


Pleas bruh. You call that singing?

First term of yr7 I was quiet hung out with the quiet ones. I made friends though after a term...Anywhooooooooo I noticed in order to become friends with the girls I would be spending the next 5 years of my life with, I would need to lure them in 

All those chicks reading from America, London high school is nothing like American high school there are no cliques, no social ladder, no food plate, no jocks, no blonde's, no mean girls. It is just school. 

I can already hear Regina George crying

My class like being bribed. 

I know I like being bribed. 

Makes you feel like boss like you got one over them. 

"Adele can you pass me the ruler please?"


"I'll give you sensations."

"Kay. Here you go."

When I brought cake in yr 7 girls just started coming up to me. Heck one girl sold her birthday cake out to people. I never even got a slice...

Anwayyy. This girl bribed the girls with her voice and it was getting annoying, Beyonce is alive you know! 

So I started singing to other girls slyly to other girls and ba baam, one day when Ms X-factor started singing one girl said to her that I could sing better than her.


Good days. 

I was proud cause I got her to shut up. Plus gained a few friends, and I love them very much. 

Don't take friends for granted friends you make in high school are forever. 


The emotional ending though. Sorry if it wasn't as amazing as my other post. I am ill been like this for the last two days, but listening to Selena Gomez Like A Champion! So she giving me some immune system.

Be proud guys but not arrogant.

Proud, confident and believe in yourself. No one can pull you down or make you feel crap.

I just got a couple of albums from the Itunes store so feeling like gold.

You know you're rich when you buy music from iTunes.

Loooool joke.



  1. That feeling when you wage war against your teacher with your friend xD
    Really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. There's nothing better than arguing with teachers XD
    I'd just walked out not giving her the satisfaction of seeing me plead and resist the getting out thing :P
    Bribe seriously? XD lol

    1. Never beg a teacher then they think they have won. loool. Yup loool XD XP