Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Favourite Songs So Far

I am no music expert but this is what I know and what I am loving. 

One Last Time - Ariana Grande 

This is from her album My Everything and I have to admit I was not a big fan of her album but this song is literally amazing it doesn't sound like her usual type of writing and I like it the base tune and vibe is different and it something you could listen to when you are in a certain type of mode, at a party or just casually. It is your typical heartbroken song but also not your typical song. Here she is admitting she was wrong and she is sorry but she still needs him.  I am totally addicted to it right now so check it out. 

(The video is edited due to copyright but you can get it from the iTunes store to hear the original but this is still amazing!) 

The drums in the background make it easy to dance to. Along with the keyboard and steady beat and I am happy she doesn't randomly spit out high notes in this :P In the second verse before the second chorus when she is repeating I know her voice is repeating it in the background at a higher but softer tune. This song makes me feel like I am in some chick flick movie. :D, Ariana Grande isn't for everyone and people tend to not like her but this song has got me hooked. 

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood 

You can tell that this is a Taylor Swift song and if you are a Swiftie you will probably be fangirling for it but I am not. I am  fan just not dedicated enough to be a Swiftie tho :P. At least I am being honest. The simple chorus really gives the song a steady beat and allows it to flow. 

Once again due to copyright you have to buy it to see an original version it is 0.99p by itself without the album but with the Deluxe album it is £12.99

I think it was totally worth it. 

The easy composition of instruments or whatever is very simple a nice tune and it really compliments Taylor's singing nicely. Now this song is a heartbreak song but I love the lyrics. Did you think it all though?  all these things will catch up to you and time can heal but this won't!" 

Meghan Trainor: Lips Are Moving. 

She hit it off with All About That Bass and smashed it with her album and I have to agree this song is my favourite next to Title and AATB I love her style she is confident and quirky and adds her own style. Through out the song you can her in the background being clapping almost like the foundation. 

I like the jazz theme which I think was her original idea but you can never know! The piano that makes it's it appearance before the chorus is to die for and the pause before it lunges into it highlights it perfectly. I love her style of singing she can rap,sing high and low. The vocals that appear in the background at certain parts also proves this. 

I am not a fan of the music video but I love the song. It is 0.99 to buy as a single but to buy in her Deluxe Album and (which you have to pre order for UK residents is £8.99) 

My ALL time favourite song right now is from Ariana Grande's new album My Everything 

It is called....


I don't need to say anything just listen to the song! Please don't stop listening to it listen to it till the end you will love it.

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