Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rant Day #4 - People In Public

 Now I might be on a time limit cause I am making oats I already let the milk overflow the pot and spill over the whole stove...:s

Now I take public transport. Shocker right (!) Yah I know I don't seem like that person that wakes up at 5:00 and leaves the house at 7:30 but yeah I take public transport like every godamn kid in this world...Well not everyone.

Funny how it is the kids that have their parents drop them off at school and live the closest are always late! *Cough Cough*

Anywayyyy (I say that a lot...I get off topic a lot)

In the morning you see all kinds of people heck go to Camden you are walking through a costume party but that's not what annoys me it's those inconsiderate, annoying, people who think they own the train or bus so they can do whatever the hell they want!

Well news flash. YOU DON'T AND YOU CAN'T.

But they still do!

So as I always say grab your popcorn and get your fingers ready to click and say "mmmmhmmmm I know sista preech it." Cause I can assure you we all know these types of people.

Slow Walkers: 

The world is your oyster doesn't mean you have to sleep walk your way through it. Come on girl don't be selfish okay! I have somewhere to be! It's called school. If I am late I will get in trouble. It's called detention. The side walk is like a tight rope and you are using your fake ugg boots to take up all the space swinging your fake Michael Kors bag (mhm I called her out!) and taking your time. DO YOU NOT SEE THE TIME!?

These people think they can just occupy the pavement and you try to walk around them but it is impossible to get in front. Hell no I am not stepping on that road so a car can come and decide to do the Harlem Shake with me, Uh uh. What makes you think you own bricks? 

When I was walking to the station I politely asked a woman to excuse me. Guess what she did? She removed her blue Chanel glasses looked me up down and sniffed stuffing her nose in the air. No lie. Then she put her sun glasses back on and said, "There is a road you know."  And carried on at her turtle pace.


Yah there is a road it is for cars. 

I once again tried walking around her but she kept on hogging the side walk. 

Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp yab and she moved aside I stood there trying to comprehend what had just occurred...Did she just pinch me? 

She carried on walking ahead and I was so tempted to get that fake Michael Kors bag and sell it to the black market...Not that I know if it is real or anything...

I was in pure utter shock she just pinched me. 

Being the nice person I was I ignored her and this time carried on walking over-taking her. She missed the train. I couldn't help but allow the smile that spread across my face. 

Oh yeah! 

I must have looked crazy on that train. As I watched her fade away thinking of her standing in the cold waiting for another 10 minutes. Her hair messy and make up ruined. 

She had that coming! 

The Couple:

Al right I was a sucker for love until Disney Channel and Wattpad came along and spoilt that for me.

I still smile at cute couples who hold hands, and snuggle and you can tell they are so in love but I do not appreciate the so called "friend" and her "fiancĂ©" getting excited in the morning. 

I can feel my pumpkin spice latte churning in my stomach. 

We get it you are in "love"(!) But they are kids here they can learn all about that in Science class and I am a still kid okay my eyes are too innocent for this!

Okay maybe a quick kiss is okay but we do not need your girl whimpering like a puppy cause you are getting off the next stop. This isn't the notebook. 

This is how you say goodbye: 

(Took me ages to find a decent picture)

This is acceptable: 

Not this!: 

Okay chill! Yeah I know you won't see her face to face for another six hours, maybe but there is Instagram, Snapchat, Whatssap, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Imessage, Face time, Skype, WeChat every godamn way of communicating has been made. 


No one on the train what's their own version of whatever bad movies you guys watch nowadays :P Okay please just keep your hands at your sides and your mouth closed and if that doesn't work...

There is always sellotape. 

The DJ 

Not only do these people have music blaring out from their headphones, they are also attempting to sing and dance at the same time! That is not something you do rush-hour public transport. 

The funny thing is you can practically hear Iggy Azalea walking a mile in her louboutin's yet they mutter and curse saying they can't hear a thing. You lied gurl. You lied.

If I can hum a long to your song then that means those beats you have on your ears are fake, cause obviously the dodgy dude you bought them from didn't want you to turn up but wanted the train to.

This isn't a party it is too early! No one wants your frizzy, smelly hair in their face at 8:00 as you attempt to sing thinking people will sing with you. 

Okay true story I promise. 

I was in year 7 or year 8 and I was on the bus upstairs chilling in the front. Then a kid starts singing the Climb...It was k I saw his school logo (Joke!!!) then another kid joined in and then another and another and they were all from different schools before I knew it the whole upper deck was singing Miley Cyrus. I was sitting there wondering if I was in the middle of flash mob and being filmed. 

It was so random but so annoying. 

From that day that kid always sang.



It is a Monday morning I would sacrifice chicken to go back to bed. No scratch that I would sacrifice your vocal chords...You didn't need it anyway. 

So please do not sing. 

I know when you have headphones you think you sound amazing but you don't. I am not just saying that, I thought I was Ariana Grande when I was listening to music in my room before my bro was just "Checking" If everything was al right. 

Public Transport sucks. 

Oh snap... My oats burnt. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Favourite Songs So Far

I am no music expert but this is what I know and what I am loving. 

One Last Time - Ariana Grande 

This is from her album My Everything and I have to admit I was not a big fan of her album but this song is literally amazing it doesn't sound like her usual type of writing and I like it the base tune and vibe is different and it something you could listen to when you are in a certain type of mode, at a party or just casually. It is your typical heartbroken song but also not your typical song. Here she is admitting she was wrong and she is sorry but she still needs him.  I am totally addicted to it right now so check it out. 

(The video is edited due to copyright but you can get it from the iTunes store to hear the original but this is still amazing!) 

The drums in the background make it easy to dance to. Along with the keyboard and steady beat and I am happy she doesn't randomly spit out high notes in this :P In the second verse before the second chorus when she is repeating I know her voice is repeating it in the background at a higher but softer tune. This song makes me feel like I am in some chick flick movie. :D, Ariana Grande isn't for everyone and people tend to not like her but this song has got me hooked. 

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood 

You can tell that this is a Taylor Swift song and if you are a Swiftie you will probably be fangirling for it but I am not. I am  fan just not dedicated enough to be a Swiftie tho :P. At least I am being honest. The simple chorus really gives the song a steady beat and allows it to flow. 

Once again due to copyright you have to buy it to see an original version it is 0.99p by itself without the album but with the Deluxe album it is £12.99

I think it was totally worth it. 

The easy composition of instruments or whatever is very simple a nice tune and it really compliments Taylor's singing nicely. Now this song is a heartbreak song but I love the lyrics. Did you think it all though?  all these things will catch up to you and time can heal but this won't!" 

Meghan Trainor: Lips Are Moving. 

She hit it off with All About That Bass and smashed it with her album and I have to agree this song is my favourite next to Title and AATB I love her style she is confident and quirky and adds her own style. Through out the song you can her in the background being clapping almost like the foundation. 

I like the jazz theme which I think was her original idea but you can never know! The piano that makes it's it appearance before the chorus is to die for and the pause before it lunges into it highlights it perfectly. I love her style of singing she can rap,sing high and low. The vocals that appear in the background at certain parts also proves this. 

I am not a fan of the music video but I love the song. It is 0.99 to buy as a single but to buy in her Deluxe Album and (which you have to pre order for UK residents is £8.99) 

My ALL time favourite song right now is from Ariana Grande's new album My Everything 

It is called....


I don't need to say anything just listen to the song! Please don't stop listening to it listen to it till the end you will love it.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Rant Day #3 - A Students Proud Days

Standing on top of the podium she beamed and smiled brightly waving to the ground with one hand and holding her gold medal with another, she glanced down at the two girls both holding medals yet still standing below her. First she thought proudly.

She grinned while the other two girls shot her dirty looks and she brushed them off climbing down her first place podium. She won. That was all that mattered.

The other two girls glared as she stepped down. Once again she ignored them and continued her journey before tripping and twisting and landing awkwardly on the floor.

There was silence as she blushed a beetroot red and the two other girls cackled with laughter and others joined in very soon everyone was laughing. One girl offered her hand but dropped it allowing her to fall again. 

No one cared that she had come first, that was history her landing to reality was all they cared about.


Now apart from Graduation (We can all say that is a students proudest moments) what other moments do we have? Now don't start counting your achievements cause we all know they are false.

I am not saying you shouldn't be proud or happy when something good happens or you achieve something but I am asking was there a time when you truly, truly, truly felt proud? Not the proud, when you get 4 merit certificates and your friend gets awarded 10.

Or when you win and someone else gets awarded a prize for having a perfect score.


Face it those are every ones straight faced days.

Like whatever I do how is never good enough.

Now I am here to tell you the proudest moments I have encountered and witnessed and if you are like me *teehee* or love having your live episode of Pretty Little Liars then you are going to enjoy this.


Getting Sent Out Then Getting Sent Back:

Now when you want to prove a statement or want to prove your right we usually ended up either screaming, or doing a speech. Now every student knows getting sent out of the classroom is no fun as you have to hide in the corridors dodge the headteacher and hold in your rage. 

Now we have this teacher who doesn't...communicate very well. I don't know if her boyfriend broke up with her something but that term was hell for everyone. 

She would snap, scream, moan, snitch and do everything in her way to make life terrible for us. 

Now things are better but then damn. 

Anyway it was one of the "difficult" days and we were all in class doing theory it was like she wanted to annoy us she gave us word searches that were impossible. We were all sitting there thinking of ways to get away with murder. 

It was as if she literally typed in "worlds hardest word searches"

Anyway she said no talking. So we were trying to communicate by swapping sheets and filling in the ones we knew for our friends then one girls sneezed. 

Another girl said bless you. 

All hell broke loose. 

She started screaming shouting then the girl said "All I said was bless you." 

The teacher was then like go to the head teacher. 

She screamed at her then my stupid, stupid friend Maurice argued, I knew she did nothing wrong but this teacher kept on shouting, so she told her to go to the head. 

Before she went Maurice stood at the door started talking. 

"Miss sending me to the headteacher isn't going to do anything because even though you think I did something wrong I didn't, I know I didn't do anything so I know I am not going to get in trouble. No matter how many times you shout I am not going to get in trouble." 

Her speech made me shed tears. It was so moving. 

She did a speech and stood up for herself and us.

Then she went to the head, 

Me having the big mouth I tried to back Maurice up nicely. 

"Miss I know you told us not to talk but it was just on instinct."

Guess what? 

I got sent too. -_-

I didn't bother with a speech Maurice had done it for me. 

We went and the head just laughed and told us that we could stay in the hall and finish our work there if we wanted to. 

We walked back into that classroom grinning like chesire cats. I was like.

"Surprise bish, I bet you thought you seen the last of me."

Yes aced it total worked that Madison Montgomery moment. 

I strutted grabbed my bags and left that class in silence me and Maurice enjoyed ourselves while our class enjoyed hell for another 2 hours. 

That my friends was one of my proudest moments. 

New Year, first year, year seven little miss X-Factor bribed her friends by singing to them. 


Pleas bruh. You call that singing?

First term of yr7 I was quiet hung out with the quiet ones. I made friends though after a term...Anywhooooooooo I noticed in order to become friends with the girls I would be spending the next 5 years of my life with, I would need to lure them in 

All those chicks reading from America, London high school is nothing like American high school there are no cliques, no social ladder, no food plate, no jocks, no blonde's, no mean girls. It is just school. 

I can already hear Regina George crying

My class like being bribed. 

I know I like being bribed. 

Makes you feel like boss like you got one over them. 

"Adele can you pass me the ruler please?"


"I'll give you sensations."

"Kay. Here you go."

When I brought cake in yr 7 girls just started coming up to me. Heck one girl sold her birthday cake out to people. I never even got a slice...

Anwayyy. This girl bribed the girls with her voice and it was getting annoying, Beyonce is alive you know! 

So I started singing to other girls slyly to other girls and ba baam, one day when Ms X-factor started singing one girl said to her that I could sing better than her.


Good days. 

I was proud cause I got her to shut up. Plus gained a few friends, and I love them very much. 

Don't take friends for granted friends you make in high school are forever. 


The emotional ending though. Sorry if it wasn't as amazing as my other post. I am ill been like this for the last two days, but listening to Selena Gomez Like A Champion! So she giving me some immune system.

Be proud guys but not arrogant.

Proud, confident and believe in yourself. No one can pull you down or make you feel crap.

I just got a couple of albums from the Itunes store so feeling like gold.

You know you're rich when you buy music from iTunes.

Loooool joke.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Rant Day #2 - The Kids In The Classroom

Don't kill me! Don't send those human eating marshmallows I am so sorry so I am uploading twice as much this week took me forever to rewrite this cause I lost my mojo.

Alright when I was my parent evening and omg the ICT teacher...My face for all the teachers were 0_0 like idgaf or idc but then me and my mum sat down and he started laughing and was like "This is her...hahaha what's with that face?" 

I'm like...what? My mum is like this dude okay. 

He just smiled and laughed saying 'he knows me' it is my 'dismissing' face. 

Anywhooooo he ended up slipping and falling down the stairs...He wasn't hurt but it was funny! I will tell you the story later now on with my rant.



The Book:

Now this chick. This chick over here, thinks she is so smart and so prestige's and higher than us. Let us call her Naomi! Yes so Naomi over here thinks she is all high and mighty, remember Hermione from Harry Potter?  Yeah Naomi is ten times worse. 

Now yes, you can put your hand up in class and yes answer questions be my guest no one is stopping you besides you are saving my ass, cause the teacher is giving all you the attention and doesn't notice me and Hannah over there munching on popcorn while watching vines. 

But when you are feeling dumb and want to do a 180* turn and say "yes lemme give it a shot. I am going to try in this lesson." She notices you and shoots her hand up and instead of the teacher picking the 'anti-social' one with 'no bright ideas' what so ever, she goes and picks Naomi over there.

And not only does Naomi answer the question she also has to link it to a documentary and her daily life then she tries to spit out some funny story which is NOT funny AT ALL. The silence as she laughs insanely to herself is so awkward you can hear the crickets outside!

And the crickets are thinking...damn I am out! This is too boring even for us! 

One hour later once Naomi is done with her auto-biography the teacher beams and gives her  house points. Then turns to you saying "Oh did you want to say anything?" If you felt dumb before you feel literally stupid now. 

Cause all I planned to say were a few words and Naomi over there went and said the whole friggin dictionary. 

So we had our exams and I was trying to explain the cycle to my dear friend Hannah and every two seconds Naomi was coming to interrupt and correct me! Yes people you heard! Correct me! I was so close to strangling her! Literally she carried on doing this for the next hour. 

So I had enough I stood up and walked past her giving her a smackerdoodle around her head that shut her up. 

She looked dazed for a moment and she turned around to look who did it but I was already sitting in my chair explaining the Nitrogen cycle to my friend. 

Don't be a Naomi otherwise you will be receiving a few more smackerdoodles from me! 


\I I/

The Charity Box: 

Everyone has the charity box wannabe in their school or class and she drives people mad. She flicks her hair, bats her eyelashes and applies lip gloss and clear mascara at break and lunch and fluffs up her hair pouting in the mirror. 

You see she is hot she knows she is hot. 

Now what I hate about her is the fact that she is always fishing for compliments she acts all innocent and sweet but collects the words like a fish. 

She looks around all big eyed and innocent then starts off by complimenting you. 

"Hey Chanel your eyelashes are really long and thick they are just amazing!"


*sigh* "I wish mine were that were long. My eyelashes are so fact my eyes are so tiny! So is my nose and..." That is how she gushes on and on about her imperfections.

Everyone around you is cooing saying she is perfect and she is beautiful and throwing compliments and she blushing like crazy grinning from ear to ear. 

We all have our moments of low self-esteem and you need someone to pick you up and say you are beautiful. It is normal, it is the cycle of a girl, sometimes you wish you were someone else everyone is like that at times. 

She does this every single time. 

Since then every time I saw her she would bring up a conversation and she would end up with a box full of compliments by the end of the day. 

When we started ignoring her she just went depressed, literally, depressed Lana Del Ray was probably sitting next to her singing Born To Die. 

It was crazy she would sigh pick at her pen her food, and me being me the whole class would look at me expecting me to say something. 
I am always the one they throw under the bus which is the reason I get in trouble all the time.

I tried to ignore but once you caught her gaze there was no going back it was like this: 

*Sigh, sniff, cough, sigh, sigh, weep, sob. cough*

*She won't stop looking...What do I do?*

I would end up coughing awkwardly and asking whats wrong and she would perk up and start talking and instead of hearing my fish died or I'm failing french she would expect me to gush on how she was prettier than Ariana Grande or Beyonce. 

This played out twice a day until one I day I completely blanked then screamed in her face. " I can assure you concealer can fix those spots and mascara can volumise your eyelashes and if you don't like small lips then get botox like freaking Kim Kardashian.I am not in the mood to tell you how pretty you are cause frankly I would be lying!"

I then felt guilty and laughed saying I was joking even though I really wasn't since then Ms Charity Box has not left me alone. 

I had to block her number's and email and instagram to get her away from me she is always following me and I don't want to rant on her in public. So Charity Box if you are reading this. 


Look I am sorry I am not your boyfriend I can't kiss you and tell you how pretty you are and I am not your mum! Selena Gomez is there to make you feel beautiful. 


If you were wondering how this makes her charity box I just classified that she always ask for donations. 


Sorry for late post enjoy! xxx

Well it is over so you probably enjoyed. Pishhhhhhhhhhhh you loved it!

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 6 DAYS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops no personal details on the Internet! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015


So so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed and so upset and so so so so so sooooooooooooooooooo sorry that I have forgotten how to spell 

I just got back from my parents evening and was about to post my rant day but I accidentally deleted it...


So please bear with me as I will upload it tomorrow I promise or later tonight 

So sorry xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The 7:45 Train.


"You said you loved me!" She screamed in his face. 

He shook his head sadly. "That changed...I changed."

She scoffed rolling her eyes. 

"It's not you it's me." He said. 

She ignored his statement decoding the message and just stared at him in silence.

The vibrant green orbs that she used to lock eyes with seemed distant, cold, unfamiliar, It's not fair. She had been in these situation's over and over again. 

She constantly cursed herself for wearing her heart on sleeves. 

But what could she do?

She fell in love. 

She thought he was different. 

"I still love you Jeane." He broke the silence. "Just not that way."

Her lip quivered and tears danced out of her eyes she shook her head laughing bitterly. 

She had heard that too many times. 

She pushed past him slamming the door. He breathed a sigh of relief then panic struck him. 

The train. 

The 7:45 train. 

It wasn't the first time she tried.

After her parents died she did it almost succeeded almost sealed the deal with death.

But he caught her.

He walked out of her life.

Who was going to catch her now?

"Jeane!" He ran out of the house charging towards the train station jumping over the barriers. 



She turned around. 

Her blonde hair danced with the wind and her cheeks stained with tears, she wasn't attractive she knew she wasn't but he made her feel pretty,wanted,loved.

She almost fell in love again. 

Before she remembered love was a just word.

He was just a lie.

He was just a dream. 

Her scream was just a whisper. 

He ran forward in order to grab her and haul her into the safety of his arms but his hand just brushed the leather of her jacket. The train horns blared as her body was thrown against the wind-shield yet the train never stopped.


Not my best :/ just thought of it now. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rant Day #1 - Parent Evening

Now, I think no scratch that, I know that I deserve a medal because I have been able to keep my mouth shut for this whole week. Which is quite a challenge for me take today for example this girl was seriously, seriously annoying me and I just wanted to go up to her and shake her scream in her face "What is the matter with you!?" 

Now seeing as next week Thursday is parents evening trust me oh do I have something to say. 

So here I am sitting on the floor earning butt cramps and punching letters furiously into my keyboard as I try to put down in words what I am truly feeling. 

Some words may be pretty. Some may not...Lool



Every teenager, child everyone has to go through this dreaded day when your parents are forced to come into to school and have a meeting with your teacher. 

Primary was fine it was just 1 teacher. 
Secondary!? Hell no. 

You have about 12-16 teachers smiling awkwardly at you while they make jokes with your parents as they try to explain the 'areas that could have some improvement.' 

That is total utter vamoshness! Okay, cause when I got my report a week ago you didn't mention any areas of improvement someone call Marilyn Monroe cause I'm seeing two faces here and none of them are pretty! 

Now let me say that this is the day when your teacher's show their true colours. That favourite teacher you had? Yeah all you can do is sit there and think 'I thought you were different...' 

Like come on, the following people I am going to describe we have all seen them,

Number One: 
Ms/Mr Elaborator:  

This teacher spits out so many lies and exaggerates the things you did too such an extent they could rewrite the Hunger Games. What annoys me even more about these people is that they decide to bring up things that happened in Yr7 and rephrase to make it seem like it happened last week. 

Like I dunno what year you're living in , dude,  all I did was sneeze during your presentation and when you asked if there was a problem I replied with a no. Then all you can do is sit there while your teacher goes on and you hold back the urge to scream: "Why you lying for?" that is what I hate the most. You cannot argue back because your mum is sitting next to you sending you those looks that translate as "Wait till we get home." 

That wait till we get home is code for wait till we get to the car and when we get home you can pack your bags cause you ain't sleeping here tonight. 

Then suddenly after that teacher says all that nonsense (See I'm filtering my words) she turns to you and says 'but we are working to improve that and she has been making some steady progress.' Like. No. No. NO!

You don't lie about me then act like we are buds. Like NO. Trust me the next time you ask me to go up two flight of stairs to get your coffee from the staffroom imma just look at you and keep on walking or pretend I never heard you cause for all I know next year you gonna be telling my parents that I spilt the coffee on your papers or some ish like that. 

Don't blow up my phone at 3am like how you need me now? 

(- -)

Number Two:
'The Ex' 

Al right, you are walking to that teacher who you thought was your friend. You know that teacher that understood you that was 'cool'. The one who shared jokes with you gave you some advantages the one who was always there if you needed a retake or an extension on your project or homework. 

The teacher we called 'the one' 

Yeah sit down girl cause I'm about to tell you the reason we call him/her the ex. 

So as I was saying you are walking and that teacher calls you over you smile finally seeing a 'friendly face.' and sit down confident that this teacher is going to at least allow you to earn a 99p McFlurry from McDonald.

'The one.' Hits it off with your parents by releasing the tension with some jokes and you all laugh then suddenly he/she stops and just stares and your parents stop and your just sitting there laughing before you realise no one else is laughing and you look around nervously and your laugh dies down. 

The teacher starts by saying the wonderful things and you be chilling in your chair like James Bond, perching your feet on the table, filing your nails with them sunglasses on feeling invincible then the teacher says but. 

With that but your walls come tumbling down and your heart breaks in two and you can hear Adele already singing Skyfall. The teacher's eyes look at you and say 'I'm sorry I have to do this.' but it's too late for you to say anything back with that but, everything starts going and with that word your heart crumples. 

Then he/she smiles and shakes hands with your parents and is like 'See you on Monday. We are still on for the extra lesson right?" 

And you just smile sadly and stare at them with this intense gaze and Adele has moved on from Sky fall and is singing Set Fire To The Rain and all you can say is "Nah, I don't think I need your help any more it's all right I will find someone else." 

Let It Burn 

Oh and it did. 

Number Three:
The Nosy One 

This teacher puts pinocchio to shame not because they are lying but this teacher can be both the Mr Elaborator and The Nosy One trust me. 

You are sitting down with let's say the Maths teacher and the Maths teacher says "She tends to get distracted." All of a sudden Mrs Pinocchio over there turns away from the parent she is meant to be talking to and turns to your parents and the teacher is like. "Yes. Yes I totally she always does that in my lesson." 

And you are just like hold up, "Ms I don't have you for French." 

She just stares and your parents stare back and she then says "In my cover lessons and plus the other teachers said so." 

And that is how she carries on following breathing down your neck sending that smile but always butting in and putting in her input and you just want to turn around and say "I'm sorry are you my teacher?" Because you know that will shut her up. 

But thank you Nosy one cause you just not only cost me my 99p McFlurry but a £1 chicken and chips too. 

Number Four 
The Story Teller:

This teacher obviously doesn't care about parents evening cause all she really wanted was the extra bling a ding for actually staying and a pillow to cry on while she tells her life stories.
I have nothing against draw my life as long as it is done on YouTube and I can watch it when I want and mute, play and pause when I want. 

Yes it is occasionally nice when your teacher shares a story from their past and you all coo at their story. 

But when they start reading out their auto-biography that is where I draw line. 

Then they link it too you like they had trouble in school like you did and you are just like back up no one said anything about trouble. They stop in the middle of their story and look you like take notes. And you do that anyway because with the tales they are spilling you could win the author of the year award. 

Then they glance at their watch and says how time flies when 
you are having fun, then smiles and says goodbye. 


That my friends is what happens at parents evening and it is no fun because teachers are too lazy to put the bad things in your report so they save it for Parents Evening when they know they have the upper hand cause you cannot deny anything. 

Now here is a funny story for you. 

My friend was at Parents Evening and was meeting with our form tutor and she was saying all these wonderful things about her and our form tutor is also our history teacher and my friend is there grinning like a Cheshire cat singing "I made it." 

Then our form tutor suddenly said "BUT unfortunately Hannah hasn't done her history homework which means she has a detention after school on Monday." 

Yes people that is right she gave her a detention in front of her mum right there.  

That slapped the grin off her face. 

Her mum was looking at her and damn if looks could kill Hannah would have been dead by now. So to all teachers out there do not be a Mr Elaborator, or the nosy one or any of those because if you think it will make the student 'like' you more. 

You are wrong, it just makes you the gossip topic at lunch. 

Wish me luck for my Parents Evening and I am prepared for the teachers I have my headphones and a packet of skittles stashed in my blazer pocket, and pepper spray just in case I run into any Noses. 

Icky xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Rant Day

Dictionary Definition: Speak or shout at any length in an angry impassioned way. 

Ranting can be done in many forms you can rant in a song, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are examples of that (No hate to them I love them both). The evidence is there in The Heart Wants What It Wants, for Selena and for Taylor we have Blank Space, I Knew You Were Trouble ect...

Some people rant with a facial expression that normally reads. "WHAT THE FUDGE ARE YOU DOING!? I AM GOING TO KILL YOU." 

Others, like me, call up their friend and spend 4-5 hours ranting and repeating the same sentence while our friend nods absent-mindlessly, while she plays Flappy Bird trying to create an excuse to end the call. 

So I can assure I have a lot of things to rant about. Ask the poor girl I call everyday, Sooooo, I had an idea if people can create Throwback Thursday or WCW Wednesday or whatever, why can't I create my own day where we can just rant? 


*Cue angel music* 

So every Thursday I shall rant about a topic of your choice or a topic that just randomly falls out of my head, I can already hear my rant buddy sighing with relief. 

So next Thursday is rant day!