Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year Resolutions.

Wow,  It has been how many months?

I promised myself and you guys, I would post more and try to not suddenly give up...

Yeah that's a goal that didn't really work out.

I think that was also one of my 2015 resolutions to not give up on things.

That can't be crossed off my list. :/

It's quite amusing to listen to your friends memorise their New Year resolutions while everyone else just stares amused. Why, because it's funny?

Because it's the things they say every new year, every new month, they say the things they will do, try to improve, change. The things we say we will do, but yet deep down we are already saying oh I won't stick to it, but I'll still say it anyway.

What's the point of setting a goal if you know you're not going to do it?

What's the point if you know you're not going to bother?

What's the point?

That's the nasty little bugger that sits in our minds, that makes us give up and simply not try.

If you don't believe me here are some examples.

I need to revise. But what's the point of revising? I'll probably fail anyway.

I really need to tidy my room, what's the point? It'll just get messy again.

I should update my blog, what's the point though? No one reads it.

It's not a bad thing to make goals and not fulfil them, because sometimes things happen and get in the way. However I think it’s a bad thing to make an empty goal. A goal that you have no intention of even attempting to do.

So maybe in the last few days of 2015 as people rush to be reunited with family, gather their memories of the year, shake off the weights that held them down and pack their suitcase to jet off into 2016.

Maybe we can make a goal and instead of saying what's point.

Dive in and say hell yeah let's do it.

That sentence. That's my New Years resolution to act upon the goals I set.

If it doesn't work out, at least I can say I tried. 


Happy New Year. You Made It! 

Love Icky

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Left With The Scraps.

Inspired By Little Girls - By Annie Listen To Song While Reading.

She rolled her eyes slamming the door shut behind her as she stomped into the living room that was littered with toys. 

Tip toeing over the mess she inwardly prayed her mother wouldn't ask her to clean up. 

She had exams.

She glared at her black brick-phone, she couldn't get a smart phone as her mother didn't have money to be wasting on phones.

"Yet she will buy hundreds of Barbies." She scowled as she tossed the phone carelessly onto the chair. 

"Move." She ordered her younger sisters slamming her books down on the wooden table.

"But we're colouring," they pouted, "see." they held up their pictures that had multi-coloured crayon marks scribbled, messily onto the sheets. They were totally oblivious to the lines and took no interest in the picture. They were just being messy.

And this annoyed Hannigan more than anything. 

She groaned loudly and slid her hands across the table throwing the crayons and sheets off the table causing her sisters to scramble to the floor, in order to pick them up. 

Plonking herself into the chair she opened her book tiredly and the calender that was stuck on the first page reminded her exams were less than 3 months away. 

What had Hannigan achieved? 


She would end up failing, living off on benefits, and having loads of kids like her mother. At least that was what she was told. 

But she wanted to prove them wrong. 

It was hard to, with chores that never seemed to end the continuous high-pitched screams of children and the endless patter of feet. 

She wanted to be someone. 

She screamed into her hands as more of her siblings ran in, turning on the TV and increasing the volume till Hannigan thought she would go deaf. She attempted to get the attention of her mother who was ignoring everyone as she fed the baby and chatted away on the phone. 

She wanted to be someone in the world. 

But she was a nobody at home. 

Her siblings would grow up their plates would have more time, more opportunities, more freedom and she would be at the back of the line with an empty plate. 

Waiting for the leftovers.

Stuck With The Scraps.  

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rant Day #18 - Lunchtime

As I sit here munching on my indome noodles I reflect on the school Lunches I've had over the years and ahh.


1) Da fuq. 

Okay so right now on my plate we got some of Sharlandas weave going on, one of Tyga's teeth and oh Kylie Jenner's lip's for the main meal -.-.

Some lunches are disgusting they hand you the plate and you're like swivelling your head looking, where the food at?

Do people deliberately make bad lunches?

Are they like, Kristie Evans didn't tuck her chair in so imma make sure she gags when she see's her meal.

We aren't asking for proper 5 star course meals, we are just asking for something decent, we didn't pay money to eat strands of our hair. 

The food is either undercooked, overcooked or not cooked, like don't tell me that's 'red sauce' my chicken is swimming in! I know what it is. 

Yes, we complain because it's bad if we shoved food like that under your noses everyday tell me one kid that wouldn't throw up or get salmonella. You can't. 

Something needs to change. 

Starting with the 'red sauce.'

2) Kiss Primary Tables

In my opinion primary school {elementary} lunches were the best, absolutely the best. My school lunches were bombing, we had options, we had sauces, we had red, blue and yellow plates. Do you see the variety?

Like girl. 

I looked forward to lunch in primary. 

It smelt nice, looked nice, and frickin tasted awesome. 

Primary lunch was literally bae. 

3) The price. 

I understand if your school lunch is £2-2.45 but don't charge me more than £6 for a meal I can get 24 packets of indome, and cook them in your godamn kitchen like. 

Bish please. 

Be reasonable with the prices. 

In fact who agrees that we pay after we've eaten the food so we decide if it is really worth the price. They will be so desperate to get paid they would up their game. 

For some school dinners is compulsory (me) and for others it isn't. 

We gotta rebel and show that we ain't eating this:

That looks like something that I made in year 7

Here that is real lunch ^. If only you tubers made lunches. 

The struggle my sista.

Icky xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Rant Day #17 - Because 'A' Said So

All you PLL fans this is not a drill.

This Rant Day is long overdue.

After that final episode it left me thinking..."I spent 6 years of my life...for this!"

I was in shock, I was disappointed, I was just ugh leggo girlie's.


The Reveal 

In every single episode, every single episode something dramatic happens they always emphasise on the little things, the minor details that mean nothing! That mean nothing, but they make it seem like if you miss it you're missing out on something big. 

For example:

Aria drops a pencil all the girls rush to catch it before it hits the floor.

Spencer cradles it like a baby and shouts at Aria.

That is what they literally do!

But how did they reveal A? 

Flashing lights and a mega fight scene? 


A gasses all of them and they wake up facing their worse nightmare? 


She took off her mask. 


It may not sound like a big deal but for someone that has been supporting this show, watching them constantly, exaggerate little things you would expect the reveal to be bigger, badder and better!

So for A to just remove her mask and stare at them. Really knocked me down. 

Why was A a SIDEMAN  

For all of you not familiar with the term side man here is the definition: 

An irrelevant and powerless guy, also known as a 'flowerman' and shows signs of 'moist' and 'soggy' behaviour.

You know that one person in the group chat that will be making random comments, or tries to commentate while people are arguing yeah that's a good example. 


Who was she? Who is she? She was in one season and her character didn't really play a big part. There were no hints.

Why would you pick her!? It annoyed me.You could have picked West or, I don't know...Maya or even bring Wilden back from the dead. But Cece was just ugh. 

She wasn't the right person in my opinion. >:< 

They tried a plot twist 

I love the plot twist's in PLL they always wrap you up but then suddenly spit you out and you are left dazed and confused. 

When Cece removed her hood or her mask or whatever I literally stared at the screen for 10 minutes like..."Okay where's Charles?" Then as the episode progressed my mouth progressed to hitting the floor.

I was so confused, I didn't mind the fact Cece was trans-gender but how did she manage to you know get all those bits fixed while tormenting the girls? 

Then the fact she wasn't A originally?

The fact she dated her brother?

Yuck. :<

What was this?

I was confused, I was just upset. 

The plot twist just seemed rushed and XC wasn't as good as the other plot twist.

The ending -.-

The ending was the most random and confusing ending ever.

How could they say 6 years later and Allison is writing on the board (who else is pissed at the fact no one married the people they dated through out the show except Hannah apparently) then all of a sudden all the girls burst in like it's fast and furious only with heels. 

No one knows what's going on. 

Then Spencer explodes through the room looking like she hopped off the crazy train. 

What was that hair?

Needless to say I was just like...okay...

Then just turned off the TV and proceeded to rant on a 300+ snapchat story.

So at the end of day?

I felt like I had wasted 6 years of my life, every Tuesday afternoon, had been wasted.

I want my Tuesdays back. 

Cause I didn't wait 6 years for that kind of final episode...

-.- :(

Back To School.

I think for most people Summer holidays have ended but for me I have two more lovely days. I am one of those people who are pumped for school in the beginning, and go crazy in WHSmith. So you guessed it, in this post I will be showing you what I got, and how I added my own small touch. :) 


The first thing I got isn't really new, I bought the pack of folders last year and they were in pretty good condition so said hayy why not Recycle!?

Then because I was in love with this pattern went ahead and got the notebook in the same pattern. Can I get a booyah? Admit it, the pattern is bombing. :>

Oh yes? I know? You're jealous cause I be here with my carnival stripes and all you have is a white background? Teehee I know. Swerve sista! 

(•_• )
<) )/
/ \

(My thumb in the bottom! Yasss guys what you're seeing in the background is my fabosome cream wall! :P)

Then just to add a bit of pop I went ahead and stuck two flowers in the corner, I'm going to go ahead and stick more!


Then I got the binder in the same pattern :3 and stuck a couple of flowers in there but in different colours. 

Because I am very possessive over my items like ain't nobody gon try steal this I put labels at the back of all my objects. 

The label above is super cute, and says this book belongs too: then you just fill the rest in I wrote the same simple message, my name, the year I am in, then if found please return. So I stick these at the back of my folders, notebooks ect. (These sticker labels are from a book which I got from a magazine I think.) 

Now, yes that is my homework dairy, or midyear dairy, the reason it is so big and fat. Is because it has a whole page for each day normally homework dairies have 7 days over 2 pages but I noticed teachers are given us more homework than our dairies can handle so I needed on with more space. 

(Plus it has a whole bunch of jazzy stuff inside! :P) 

Then added a sticker label on the back of the dairy. 

This is my pencil case and it is called Vintage Rose I keep a lot in my pencil case so I needed one with a lot of compartments and one that kept things divided, there is a very big pouch at the back and there is a net basket in front of that pouch, then a pouch that you can zip and connect to the basket. Then at the front of the pencil case there is a nice pouch that can be zipped. 

And this is what it looks like closed. 

Oh bonus! It has mirror. 

Now everything that goes in pencil case. 

- 30 Fine liner pens. :)

-Pack of 6 mechanical pencils, those are the only pencils I use :) also labelled that pack.

- 3 inky pens, I only use inky pens (bought a pack of 5 but only keep 3 in my pencil case, one blue, one red and one black.)

-A sharpener but not just any sharpener! It has a bin and yes a lid to cover the holes so that it doesn't ruin my pencil case! XD (Which happened a lot last year.) 
You may be thinking you use led pencils...why do you need a sharpener? 
Well there will be the occasional normal one and plus we all have that friend -.-"

- A rubber, (came in a pack of 5) 

-Five super cute highlighters!!!! That glow in the dark!! 

And yes ladies this all fits in my pencil case :} 

This was the glue before.

Then once I was done with it.
For some reason I always decorate my glue stick, I know not my best work but smh smh, it was late :3.

I just jazzed up my old scissors. 
With ribbon!
Cute blue flower gems. (Bunch at the back) 
And glue dots. 

And you know the boring stuff the Maths Set and Calculator. Going back to school shopping Always makes me feel more organised and a tad bit better, so I have something to look forward to. Like using those highlighters! 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rant Day#16 - Bus Life

I don't know how buses work but lemme tell you the transport in London is just Ha. Either really good or really bad and it depends on the day. 

Bus drivers all have those days when they're on their periods I can't blame them. 

Carrying around obnoxious school kids and wailing babies is one thing but carrying herds of them every day is another. 

But some Bus Drivers...

Let's just start. 

1) Did you not see my hand?

Lemme just stand here like a tree until you see me? Or is it when I hire Beyonce to wave my hands up in the air you're going to see me?

This is annoying. 

When bus drivers just drive past you and you stuck out your hand. 

I'm sorry is it that the sign changed? Why did you just drive past me?

To be honest it is just plain rude. 

Especially in the rain. I have been waiting for 20 minutes. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and you just drive past me like. 0_0

I am the one that's soaked, all you have to do is press a button and the door opens and I do the rest. Like just it makes me upset. 


2) You know you grew up in London.

You know you grew up in London when that 472 or 206 was packed to the brim and no one can move anywhere like you are breathing in other peoples breathe, and someone's foot is on your bag and another person is holding onto you instead of the stand, like.

Rush time. 

Then the bus driver says, "Please move down inside the bus."

Then everyone is just like 0.0 -.-

Don't make me hurt you. 

Move to where? 

Bish where?

I ain't pullin no spider man and clinging to the roof. 

I can't even blink and you want me to move down to where? 

Then slowly everyone starts to shuffle and you're just basically stomping your feet cause you're not actually going anywhere. 


A woman with her buggy decides to get on and says she will fold it, but nuh uh. This lady, keep in mind there is no baby chilling in it. Because she has taken him out. Then she leaves her buggy open.


She lied. 

So imma just plonk myself in this buggy, cause ain't nobody got time fo dat. 

3) Why you pushing?

That one person who has an elbow. 

But not any elbow their elbow puts a pencil to shame. 

They nudge, they hit, they push, they pull Kamehameha's and go all Dragon Ball Z with that elbow. Like proper starting the Harlem shake with that limb. 

They will attack you when you're sitting down. 

When you're standing up. 

Hell even when you're in a buggy, there is no mercy. 

I was on the bus and I had a seat, and a lady was sitting next to me then she got up and another lady took her place. This woman put her elbow out and was poking me in the side and I'm eyeing her up like "Girl you wanna go? Hold my purse Dodgy John, and my phone, actually just hold my earrings. Last time you held my purse my £20 went missing" 

She is poking me and moving closer so her ass is invading my seat like...

Then I put my bag in between us and move closer to the window, this woman is pushing my bag against me and forcing me to press up against the window, like nah, I ain't gonna fly through the window and suddenly roll into some splits. 

This is NOT cheerleaders. 

So do you know what I did? 

I made my butt stay strong and fought against her jabs sipping on my cherry aid. 

Then me and her were getting off at the same stop. 

So instead of waiting or saying excuse me this woman just went 'POKE POKE POKE,' Then hopped off. 

Last time I took  187. 

Ain't nobody got time for fractured ribs. 

Buses...Just walk. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rant Day#15 - £200 food or £20 food?

Now you must be thinking? 

Gurl why she talking about food? 

Well sweetie lemme tell ya! 

I am ranting about restaurant food cause I know they are so many problems with them and plus I'm a bit hungry. 

So lets goo! 


The Name So Big It Twerking. 

Everyone knows this is an issue. All that fancy stuff is nothing. Okay. 

They are just serving a shell stuffed with mayonnaise and a few lettuce leaves. The mayonnaise was not produced any differently unless they sprinkled holy water or something. The lettuce was grown the exact same way as others. 

On a farm, where slugs and bugs crawled all over them. 

So when you see that fancy wording on your menu it is translation for lettuce. 

Just say lettuce. 

Don't go and say a lovely side of green, freshly, cut leaves exported from the finest farms in Paris. We call it Letutut. 

All they did was spray the ketchup in lines instead of leaving it in a blob. 

There's no need to hype up your food nothing will change!
Other than fact I won't pick it because now I know there is something healthy in there! 

The Size 

I absolutely hate this. 

The sizes are so unrealistic. 


I came here to eat. Not starve to death. 

You order a pasta and some bread and guess what comes back? A few strings on the plate I can count those strings! -_-

I don't wanna be able to count my strings, I shouldn't even be able to see half of them because the plate is meant to be full. 

So we get let's say 5 strings and I asked for bread, not a chocolate chip. 

I think they do this on purpose. 

Don't tell me you're doing this for presentation cause you can do a lot of things with more than 5 strings, okeh! Presentation doesn't mean starving us. 

They do this so we order more like puh-lease. 

Is it that you ran out of food and now you gotta start rationing? If so not with me. 

So the waiter said I owe £200. 

I said gurl where? 

She said you ate so much food. 

I said gurl where? 

Where did you see me eat that much?

The prices are just unspeakable. 

Now I am not a cheapskate, hell especially if it's with food. I would spend life savings on food if I had the chance...But I know bills exists...

But when you tell me to pay more than £25 on a meal that didn't even fill me up. Like seriously?  I ate that WHOLE chicken (which was actually bits picked off the bone) in one bite. 

And that bite just dissolved somewhere else. I'm not full, I will not pay money for something that didn't exists.

Mm hm I went there. ^v^ 

All you restaurants need to shape up. Or ship out. 

Cause mama ain't paying £200 for this. 

(Like seriously there is a leaf in this picture -.-) 

When I can pay £2 for this. 

(You can get 4 wings and chips for £1 XC XD) 

I've only been to a few fancy restaurants in my lifetime and that's because I don't think they're worth it. Some people like all that fancy stuff and some don't. Yeah the food might taste 'great' but what's the difference between McDonald and Mc Laurens? 

Tee hee. 

My humour.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Netflix AND Chill Really Means NETFLIX AND CHILL.


Did you hear that sigh? No? Okay.


Summer is upon us. Let's go to the beach. 



Because it's raining and cold. So to all you girls tanning on the beach! 

Holla at me. 


For us it's time for Netflix and Chill and yes we are gonna chill in bed with Netflix. 

So I thought maybe once a week I give you a movie to watch or episode on Netflix. So this week is dun dun dun....

1. The Help. 

It is based on a book. 

This movie never fails to make me cry, laugh and hurl things across my room. When I saw they had put it on Netflix I almost died it is gorgeous. A movie about racism and how an aspiring young writer decides to write a book from the maids POV. 

This movie is based in 1960s during the civil rights movements. Maids or 'the help' as they called are nannies, they take care of children. Many of the maids had been taking care of the same family for years they would take care of the daughter then she would grow up and they would take care of her children. 

Skeeter who is played by the fabulous Emma Stone returns home from college and has goals to become a writer. She dreams big and wants to work in New York and in order to do that she has to gain experience. 

So she decides to write a book on The Help from their POV. She turns to Aibileen who is a maid for Mrs Leefolt. And that is where the story begins. 

My rating? 5 stars. 

This movie shows the struggle of people but also adds humour. It will make you cry and really think about how you treat people. It will also educate you on the civil rights movement and show you that racism was a really big problem then and still is. 

This movie is bae. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Rant Day#14 - Exams

I know you just groaned when you read the title. Why? 

Cause you either just finished exams. whoop! whoop!

Are in the middle of your exams. {Then I wish you good luck if you are reading this instead of revising but I also thank you because I feel special :3 } 

Or starting your exams. Tee hee. 

So why not rant about exams; 

The invigilator:

They threaten you, whether with their eyes or their I don't know.

But you know that one person that walks up and down your row and then stops next to your desk and looks over your shoulder, like no. I just want to get my pen and stab it in their eye

Harsh I know. 

Then they go and tut or read it and walk away. 

 I was chilling singing the answers to this song but you just changed the bridge, like why do they have to throw you off? Like why do they get a rush from it? Or something? Do you have fun standing there and seeing me struggle as I question myself is this the right answer?

Then there are the teachers that threaten you, okay. I am walking into my exam. 

Then this teacher (she has hated me since year 7 but that's a different post) she stopped me and wouldn't let me pass then she said, "One word out of you, I will not hesitate to take your paper watch yourself, yah? Okay I'm telling you." 

It doesn't sound threatening but if you know this teacher, let's call her Ms Sandy, she can threaten and she always talks in this low threatening voice, and Hannah knows what I'm talking about. 

But I ignored her and carried on walking in as I ain't gon let her make me fail nu-uh.

Then she stops me again and is like, "Yes, miss."

I just looked, blinked, and entered. I hated that tryna throw me off my game. 


The Questions:

Type 1-

Why? Why? 

Why is it the topic you never revise is the one question that comes up in the exam and is a full 6 marks questions. 

Why? Couldn't they ask you on the topic you slaved away on the whole night, because you thought it was going to come up. 

But the exam paper say no, Imma kill her, that one question that you didn't study and Rhianna is singing in your ear love the way you lie, and you see everyone else writing and you're like, damn. I'm really going to fail this. 

Type 2- 

The question you never did, this topic isn't in books, the teacher never taught you about it, heck Siri don't know what it is, but apparently the exam paper thinks you do. 

Correct me if I'm wrong. (Don't correct me :P)

But you only have 2 type of diabetes. 

Right? Hm?

This question is always on a topic you don't know and it peevs everyone off. 

Especially me!

The Time:

Okay I get it people need more time than others due to the speed of how fast they write, But we do not need 2 hours to do a multiple choice test. Give me two hours for French reading! Or for English! 

Not ICT multiple choice!

Like does that make sense!? 

The thing is don't stress over exams, as they are just there to test you and see whether you are ready to move on to the next stage in your life, and to test if you can put your skills to the test. 

I don't think exams test knowledge or determine how smart you are but determine and sum up how hard you've been working. 

Just remember exams or results don't determine who you are. The C or F doesn't mean you're a failure or you're going to live life in a lower class it just means you have to work harder, and reach your full potential. 

Work Hard, Play Hard, Dream Hard. 

 I will be trying to make up for the post I missed!


Pinch, Punch, 22nd of the month, no returns!

Icky xxx


New Chapters

The exams are over, and there's one more week of school. 

A few more till I leave behind this city I've grown up in...and move to some unknown area.

I think everyone has to eventually grow up, and adapt. If you don't you just get lost. 

I'm back on my blog and more dedicated than ever to make it into something magical, something that makes people smile. 

Like when you're reading your favourite book on Wattpad and the author updates after a looooooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time, and you just scream into your pillow. 

Well I do that! :P 

Anyway I guess this is me saying:

I'M BACKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yass! Totally werked that Madison Montgomery moment!! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015


Don't kill me!
Don't send marshmallows to attack me!

It wasn't my fault. 


I am so sorry!

But exams are crazy and revision is lazy and omg I am sorry the blog hasn't been my number one priority. 
I am truly sorry for not uploading or updating anything.

Just so many things to do in such a small time limit. 

Hopefully I will upload soon and make up for the post I didn't post. 

Sorry xx

Oh and Pinch Punch 17th of the month. 

No returns :P  

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rant Day #13 - Fans

Before I start this link is a personality test and it gets your personality on point! Like literally! On point! I will tell you my results at the end! 

*Here's the link*


I have seen celebrities. 
No I am not talking Ariana Grande, and Angelina Jolie kind. 

I'm talking about UK's celebs. 

Obviously if I saw an A-lister I would jump out of the car and rush towards them but hey that just doesn't happen here in London...maybe sometimes. 

-The Kardashians in Westfield they were a doing a signing. 

-The Wanted in Westfield.

-One Directions car literally drove past everyone was taking pictures. 

{For us UKIES}

- Destiny from Waterloo Road and I talked to her!!!!!

- Clara from Doctor Who:

I didn't actually know it was her I saw her walking and I started chasing her to get a better look and see if it was really her, Then she entered the station and turned around and I died.

- Ms Poppy who was in four o clock club and also in Waterloo Road

Me and my friend got off the bus and chased her down the street, and screamed when she told us who she was. Even though we knew.

- Georgina Campbell and I was too scared to go up to her cause I was worried it wasn't her but another girl went to her and I cried...XC

{Murdered by my boyfriend, so sad btw!, The Dumping Ground, Sadie J, The Ark, Holby City, One Night, Ice-Cream Girls, The Cut, Casualty, Freak, Doctors.} 

- Layton from Postcode and School For Stars. 

That's not the point I am going to be talking about type of fans: 

The Originals:

These fans were the there from the beginning, and it seems like they swallowed the whole Wikipedia page on them. They know everything, everything. When they were born, parents, schools, songs, movies, likes, traits. 

It stresses me out. 

They can memorise all that yet can't memorise a simple formula for maths! 

They have been there for ages and when you join the little family they always seem to have a need to 'mark down their territory' 

"He is mine! All mine!"

Al right honey chillll....

I ain't saying anything.

Say that to the million girls following him on instagram. 

They are so over-protective! Always snapping and shouting out info!

No one cares okay! 

She wants you to know that he is hers??? Which is annoying at the same time I want to just strangle her! No one cares!

Okay fine! 

He is yours.

Tell that to the girl he was kissing on the red carpet!


The chilled:

Which is moi they are just neutral and casual about it.

The Obsessed: 

*Warning this is all for fun no one should get obsessed!*

This is annoying these fans are obsessed and when I say obsessed I mean obsessed! 

It's like they eat, sleep, breathe this thing that is controlling them here is an example. 

Terina is driving everyone crazy due to her immense love for Dauntless in Divergent.

She believes she is Divergent. 

Sit down! Please! It is tiring!

I mean.

She tried to lock the teacher out of the classroom and Emily was sitting in her chair screaming, "You're not dauntless sit down! It's not a movie! Sit down!"

If you were in our class you would laugh cause Emily's facial expressions are hilarious. 

It is like these people are are possessed by what they love so much and it's scary cause their either really high on it, creepy about it, or just plain weird. 

To all you girls who are obsessed whether it be with a book, a show, a film...I'm going to put this nicely...



YOU ARE NOT *insert obsession here* 

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Rant Day #12 - People On The Bus

Aloha! Exams close in and my revision books are still shut. WHY!?

I know everyday on the Subway in New York is an adventure. I've seen the videos but there are someone people on the bus who are just-UGH!

I Heard About You:

Now this person talks so loudly on their phone and you are wondering who can hear them better. The person on the other end or the whole bus?

I mean both upstairs and downstairs honey. 

Like seriously ,no one wants to hear how Stephanie walked in on Angelo getting it on with Lucy, who is supposedly seeing Brad. However Brad has a secret girl on the side called Jenny, who has a boyfriend! But plot twist!

Jenny's boyfriend Jack is married with a child. 

But wait I'm sorry who are you?

Ah yes the narrator.

Who is narrating this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the whole entire bus population. 

They talk so loudly.

However, I find it quite interesting at times and can't help but ooh and ahh when I find out Jack's wife confronts Jenny!

But what can you do on a Monday morning apart from catch up on the episodes you missed due to Ms Cough Cough?

But what scares me the most is how these people are almost blind to their surroundings and end up blurting out personal details.

"Where should I meet you?...Pizza Hut...White City? 3;00?"


"You want my address?"

Then BAM. 

They shout out their address and when you think it can't get worse they spell it out and you are literally face-palming while the dodgy John next to you has whipped out his notebook and is scribbling furiously. 

If you asked her to spell out her address again. 

She would. 

Then BAM!

Out goes her phone number, and her card password and dodgy John is like twerking and doing the happy dance next to you.

All you can do is sit and shake your head. 

She practically invited you to join her at Pizza Hut. 

Now she's invited Dodgy John to a sleepover too. 

:P Just kidding!

Seriously though talk quietly on the phone! You don't need everybody to know your business. 

We  All Know Who Brought Ebola.

*Cough Cough*

Cough up your whole throat if you want. 

I ain't going to sympathise with you. 

Do you know why?

Because you just coughed in my face, on my bag, on my uniform in my bubble! Sneezed into your hands then used them to moisturise the pole I was meant to hold onto so I don't fall! 

Why? Why? Why?

These people absolutely kill me and I think they are trying to! Cough into a tissue or cover your mouth. Or sneeze quietly or into a tissue. 

No tissue?

Then use hand-jell.

Cause now I have to sanitise the whole bus. 

I really don't appreciate people who lack in the hygiene and want to make others suffer from it. It is hot, it is cramped, we all breathing in each others air! 

I do not need some nasty viruses partying in my lungs. 

Ya Nastee. 

The Free Music.

Why are peoples music so loud nowadays!?

You might as well be listening to the song yourself cause you can hear every lyrics perfectly and they are using 'earphones.'

Go to Carphone Warehouse and get new ones. 

Cause earphones are not meant to disturb people! 

When I went on holiday to Portugal I was sitting in the train. {There train lines are so simple by the way only three lines. Blue, Yellow and I can't remember the other one...}

Anyway I went to Portugal and I am sitting on the train next to this lady who has earphones in. She is listening to Iggy Azalea so I ended up listening to Iggy Azalea. 

If you walked past me you would just see my head bobbing up and down muttering incoherent words. { Lyrics of the song} 

I just don't get why your music is so loud, that you can't hear it yet we can. Loud and clear!

Stamped passports where they all pass ports 'til the clocks fast forward.

So ladies and gentlemen I hope you are not one of these people but guess we all do one of these things sometimes.

Just try and be aware of your surroundings and other people's rights. Respect that!


Oh and to the kids at the back of the bus.

Be quiet you're not funny.

*If certain are reading this you know what I mean!*